Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 - Feliz Páscoa!

Hey guys hope you had a great Easter Sunday! I even cracked open my little stash of peanut butter because it was a special occasion.

I’ve been studying like crazy the conference talks from the last conference, prepping for this upcoming one. But the hard thing is I only have them in English, the Ensign that mom sent me, and so it really messes my brain up when I study them in English in personal study and then try to explain them in Portuguese and use them throughout the day... haha English is getting hard. We´re in for a treat at mother’s day...

But this week we worked a lot with our investigator named Wendel. He’s a 17 yr old boy who has been going to church for a month now but hasn’t been baptized because his mom didn’t want him to. She heard from her neighbors that Mormon was a cult and scary, and if you got baptized and then wanted to leave afterwards they’d kill you. We went there to talk with her and told her we are not that organized and are not an Italian mob. Then she said he could be baptized! We had a great lesson with him about some of the commandments, like law of chastity and word of wisdom. And it was a tender moment when I saw how he changed when he discovered that things he had been doing in the past were wrong, and had brought sadness to heavenly father. I could explain to him how we can be completely clean of our sins through the atonement, how it cures us and what was cured stays cured. 

I was thinking about all the people out there that don’t know that god has commandments to keep us safe, all the people out there that if they knew that god has a true church on the earth, if they knew he has protections for them, we would have so many people feel that true repentance and sadness that sin brings, and would want to change. But they just don’t know it yet! That’s why we can’t choose who we share the gospel with, Christ didn’t just suffer for the members of the church, but every single person we see on the street! They too deserve the gospel. But unfortunately for Wendel there were some other complications we found out about so he´ll have to wait a little bit to be baptized but it’ll happen!

This coming week we´re hoping to move houses too, our house right now is..... quaint.... to sum it up haha. But hopefully we´ll get the elders to help us out and we´ll get our nice new apartment all in order!

I hope you all have a great conference weekend- just think of how great it is to know we have a living prophet today on the earth! Something that so many churches are lacking, someone who gives us modern and real revelation. All the things that those people will say, will be like if god himself was talking to us and guiding us. How grateful I am for the words of the prophet! I love you guys and have a great week!

Sister Walker

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