Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 29, 2016 - Happy Leap Day!

                                                      Sister Barbosa and Courtney with
                                                      Young Women from their Branch

What a week! I feel like I was just writing to you guys... weird.

This week was super busy with meeting new people. We met a lot by trying to find inactives, turns out they all moved and the branch has all the wrong addresses, so we just taught the new people living in their houses! Worked out great! We´re teaching Maria and her 2 daughters, Isabelle and Iris who are 17 and 11. Maria is a woman with a lifetime movie past with every obstacle you could think of, but so spiritual. Funny story, we went to teach her and she tried to drop us! We got nervous and asked why and she told us she had read the book of mormon and prayed about it, and when she was reading she had started  crying and felt so warm and full inside and didn’t know why and got scared! haha. We told her that’s an answer to her prayers from God! She said õh... that makes so much more sense...´´. 

Also great news, Eliziane is going to be baptized this Saturday!! Finallyyyy holy cow! She was putting it off and putting it off and finally Irma Helena (her mom) said ´´idk what you’re waiting for, you already know its all true!!´´. She is great. We had 8 investigators in church this week which was a *mario voice* NEWW RECORDDD. So amazing to see people really demonstrating their faith to go to a new place and discover for themselves if god has something to tell them there. 

Sister Barbosa and I are great, she is so hilarious we just could talk for hours and hours about everything. One morning I got ready early and went to read something but ended up falling asleep(classic) and then she woke me up with a bull horn and filmed it... I will get her back one day. 

We also got to help with the young womens in excellence this week which was jumbled and disorganized but at least had cake at the end. We sang a song from the young womens CD which is apparently a thing here. They loved it. 

ALSO homework for all my loved ones is to read the talk ´´Follow Up´´ by Elder Ballard. I’m pretty sure its called follow up, its whatever the word ´´accompanhamento´´ is in English, I can’t remember. It’s such an amazing talk and helps us remember our roles as messengers of the lord!! Wow I sound like Sydney sounded on her mission every letter home haha. Okay well that’s it for this week, I love you guys so much!! Go and do!

Sister Walker

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