Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 - Peace Out Cub Scout!

                                  "Come Unto Me And I Shall Make You Fishers Before Men"

                                                                 So Long Estancia!!!

Transfers have occurred people. Wake up and smell the roses!!

I am being transferred to Arapiraca, 2nd ward. I’m going to serve in a ward people!! It’s in Alagoas so I’ll get to cross the border to the other state and even be close to Maceio! All I know about my area is that most everyone loves it that goes there, but the water system is really bad so you can be without water in your house for a week at a time, every other week... haha. Adventure is out there!! I’ll be companions with a Sister Mira, who is from Sao Paulo and I already like the few times I’ve talked to her. This will be her last transfer before she goes home! Sister Barbosa is going to the same city as me, but a different area. We´ll still get to be in the same zone woohooo!! I think this change will be really good for the both of us. A little fresh air and a new perspective and new people. 

Here it is just heating up more and more. It’s funny to me when the people who actually live here their whole lives complain about how hot it is here... I’m like wait didn’t you choose to live here? But they’re all saying that this summer is the hottest one they’ve had. I have great luck. This week here in Brasil they celebrated ´´womens day´´ which was like the greatest thing ever if you ask me, a whole day just to celebrate being a girl. We got to talk all day long about the value of being a woman in the eyes of god and how much he trusts and confides in us to fulfill his work here on earth. #girlpower

Also this week we had a really cool experience with one of our less actives we´ve been working with named Patricia. She’s a 26 yr old woman with a 2 yr old son, who is separating from her husband currently. We went there just to invite her to church but she invited us in and after a few questions her whole life story came crumbling out. She told us of all her trials and the horrible things that are going on in her marriage that she’s trying to get away from. Luckily we had planned to talk about the atonement with her - isn’t it great how god helps you plan those things out? And we got to testify to her that the gospel of Christ is second chances, it is totally and completely for her in this moment. It’s to make the bad people good and the good people better. That Christ doesn’t see her as damaged goods but as she searches for him  and puts him first in her life, he will do the same for her. Its so amazing to see how one little visit, one message about the love of the savior can just change someone’s perspective on everything. she even came to church on Sunday!

I’ve also been thinking a lot about why I was called to serve in Brasil, when I felt it was hard to establish myself, to get the language down and feel like I was useful in missionary work. But I realized after thinking a lot that I’m in Brasil to learn how to be humble, to learn how to truly value the gospel and not let it become something mundane and common. Because I was forced to relearn a lot of things, and in doing that I’ve found a new love for the basics of the gospel, for faith and repentance and how those things really change our lives. I am very grateful I get to be here and meet these people that are often times serving me much more than I’m serving them. 

I’ll talk to you guys with new news from Arapiraca next week! Love you so much! Help the sisters out this week!

Sister Walker

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