Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016 - Walkin On Sunshine...

                                           Courtney with Irma Karine (27 Year Old RS Pres)
                                                                    And Sister Barbosa

Hey you guys!

Sadly I have no super exciting news to display this week. We had kinda  a weird week with meetings with other leaders in the mission and Presidente Gomes. Also we had a sick day because Sister Barbosa got super sick so I got to have the (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience in a South American hospital. *cringes* But seriously we spent about 6 hours in the hospital just to get these weird pains in her back and chest checked out and they immediately hooked her all up to bags of liquid and needles and all sorts of stuff I detest. Note to self,-never ever get sick in Brasil and give in to going to the hospital. Ever! I felt like dad the whole time when mom was in labor just eating a Snickers in the corner because I wanted to help but was seriously so grossed out the entire time. 

So this week was sad because Eliziane decided she doesn’t want to be baptized right now. She told us (on the day we took the elders to do her interview) she didn’t feel prepared, but also she didn’t have a desire to be baptized. That she knows everything about the church is true and there doesn’t exist another true church of Christ, but doesn’t feel like she has a desire to be baptized yet.... what the heck. I was very confused. Luckily Sister Barbosa is mature and calm and tried to reason with her and could do it without raising her voice or crying which I could not. But I will learn one day. For now she wants to continue going to church and ´´preparing herself´´... yeah keep on preparing for when Christ comes back and condemns everybody.. Ok that is what I said only in my head not to her. But we will work with other people now. Sad to watch people negate their spiritual witnesses but it’s all part of their choices! 

But oh one fun news is I got my Valentine ’s Day package yaaaay!! Sadly most of the goodies are eaten by now or have been taken to ´´borrow´´ by Brasilians... but I loved everything. Especially the beef jerky heck yeah! There was a man in the branch that had been asking me for some so finally I could help a brotha out! It’s funny I was remembering how when you’re little, you chuck the card in a present and go straight for the present, but now here I look at the presents really quick and look for the cards from you guys haha. 

So we found out this week that Irma Maria is still legally married to a man in another state from 20 yrs ago even though she lives with another man now... sad to say that is not uncommon haha. Just means that now baptism will have to be put on hold and do a huge legal process before we can have that happen. Yay for legal marriage people!

That’s about all I’ve  got from here in Estancia, transfers are next week, the 15th, so we´ll see if I stay or get to go to a big city or even a ward!! But all in the Lord’s plan :) Have a great week you guys. I love you lots!

Sister Walker

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