Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 - Ahhr-uhh-peer-ahh-ca

                                                                 "I Love This Book!!"

First week in the new area down and I am loving it!! Arapiraca is great. We have a HUGE area, super big with lots of neighborhoods to remember. The ward is pretty small for a ward, Itabaina and Estancia had more people in sacrament than here and they’re branches! But the members are great here. The one problem is that most of the members live super far away, super super far. So most of our references are there, but Presidente doesn’t like us  working so far away from the chapel because its hard for the people to get to church, unless they have a car. Arapiraac is a real city with a real downtown and everything!! It’s so different from the interior cities I was in. But the funny part is that the houses here don’t have a real number system. Like you can be looking for a house #500 and the numbers are going up from 400 and then randomly it’ll switch to 700 and then go back down later if you’re lucky. Its quite the adventure. One day we were all making fun of each other and they said ´´I don’t  know how you ended up being born in the United States because you are Brasilian!!´´ hhaha. I get the fun job of changing every Brasilian’s view of what merica really is. *Jared voice* Challenge accepted.

Sister Mira is my companion as well as Sister Estella now! We got a surprise trio this week and now we´re 3 STLs together. Sister Mira is crazy and from Mina Gerais but I like her and Sister Estella has 1 year on the mission and is from Sao Paulo and is so sassy and a similar version of Sister Barbosa so I’m happy. I’m learning quite a few things on how to be sassy in Portuguese now... We have a lot of fun together. Also our new district and zone is super great, I love the sisters and elders so far. Another funny thing, we live next door to our DLs! haha. So if we run out of soap or water or food we just go borrow it from them. One night they even shared the pizza they had ordered with us!! I am living in heaven.

Also in this ward its fun because they have an English class here for the members, because there always seems to be one American missionary here at a time. So this week I got to teach! 

Also I found out that this week is gonna be EASTER. Wow how am I so disconnected from the world? And I was thinking about the sacrifice of the savior, and not just what it means, but the question that lots of our investigators have, which is ´´now that we know this, what now?´´. I was thinking and I felt like I should share with you my feelings about it. So I want you to know that He is the reason that I came here on my mission. It wasn’t because of my goodly parents or siblings or friends, but I came here because I love my savior, and I know personally of the peace and transformation that can happen in our lives because of Him. I’m here because other people need to be able to receive those things for themselves so they can have the chance to choose or not if they’re willing to follow our savior! His sacrifice was not for the elect or the chosen, but for all. So ALL of us here deserve a chance to hear it, we all deserve the blessings of the gospel. I know our savior lives. He gave his life up on the cross but didn’t stay there- He lives! And because he lives we have the chance to be perfected, to be clean and be renewed every single day. I love this gospel and I love being a missionary! Don’t let this week go by without letting someone know how much Christ loves them as well! I love you guys so much feliz páscoa!!

Sister Walker  

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