Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 - And Then There Were Two

                                                    Courtney, Sister Estela & Sister Mira

Hey Guys! 

How was conference weekend? Who else thinks that the world is going to suffer a very life changing world war or natural disaster or something of the kind after all that? I sure do. Conference was amazing as expected, but I couldn’t help feel that the atmosphere of the whole thing was very different than any conference in my life. I’m not sure how to explain it, something sort of unnerving and looming in the air and all the talks. It wasn’t as much about the atonement and hope and strength, it was very logistical and rational, pretty much telling everyone to repent right now because the second coming is nigh. At least that was my take on it. But it was great, and I understood the whole thing!! We watched in the chapel. And you best believe everyone went NUTS when they announced a temple in Belem!! It’ll be amazing. I swear they need to put a second church headquarters in Sao Paulo, they are really needing it with all the members and church growth here. 

But I really loved the talks by Bonnie Oscarson and President Uchtdorf. When Elder Arnold spoke all of the missionaries I was sitting by started freaking out, because it was him who came to talk to us all if you remember. We were all secretly hoping he would give a shoutout to the Brasil Maceio mission haha. Didn’t pan out. At one point the Portuguese translation cut out and it was just English so I started translating for the people sitting next to me... the next session a woman in the ward came to sit by us because ´´if the Portuguese cuts out again, I want you to tell me what’s going on!´´ 

But in other news, we got a sad phone call this week that Sister Mira would be emergency transferred the next day, because another sister had to go home for health reasons. It was pretty much just a huge shock. Tears were shed and suitcases were packed frantically. It was sad for Sister Estela and I because we don’t know the area very well, and sad for Sister Mira because she’s going home in 2 weeks now, so she’ll end in a city she doesn’t know, with members she doesn’t know. The mission teaches you to adapt quickly with whatever life throws at you. But we are doing okay in our huge area all by ourselves now like big girls, the members are great and are really willing to work with us, even if they have to take a bus for 20 minutes to get to our investigators. I sure am learning a lot of great lessons I will take with me the rest of my life! Missions are great. So grateful to be here and to have a companion I love and getting to see them grow little by little in their faith. Have a great week! 

Love you so much!

Sister Walker

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