Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 - Already Ran Out Of Creative Titles...

                                              "Companionship Love" with Sister Barbosa

Hey everyone! How was your week? Can anyone believe this is the last week of February?? Sups weird.

So this week was pretty hectic, just because of traveling different places. We had another big Mission Tour with all the missionaries on Thursday. Well, all the missionaries here in Sergipe. And Elder Mervyn Arnold, a general authority from the Missionary Department who has face to face contact with the 12 apostles (everyone got really nervous when he said that) came to talk to us and teach us and inspire us. He is from good ole Idaho and speaks Spanish and English and tries hard to speak Portuguese haha. He is a very tall white man who stuck out like a sore thumb at our conference. I almost giggled too when I heard his accent and then I realized the irony....

But he taught us lots of great techniques and how to work better with the members by serving them first and gaining their trust before you can expect references. Its true! We talked a lot about 3 Nephi 11 which is one of the most wonderful chapters in the Book of Mormon, and how Christ was so direct in his purpose to visit those people. He came to them, and almost immediately started teaching, gave Nephi the power to baptize, and got right to work. He didn’t beat around the bush, he wasn’t shy, he didn’t waste time chatting, he knew what was important and didn’t put it off. That’s what I’ve been trying to do here too!

The most amazing part was that afterwards he asked to interview a few missionaries, and he picked me and Sister Barbosa!! We were freaking out! Mostly I didn’t know it was a real interview at the time, but the experience I had with him is one I’ll never forget. He talked to me about things that I only have been talking with heavenly father in my prayers, and I felt the same feeling I got when Grandpa gave me my patriarchal blessing. I felt like he was looking at me and without knowing me, cared for me and knew just what to say to help me. He wanted to do the interview in English but my mouth wouldn’t work right  so he switched back to Portuguese. (Which I now wish I hadn’t done). But he asked me if my family is active in the church and I said yes and he said I should be really grateful for that. That I needed to write home to my parents and tell them that Elder Arnold thanks them for their service in the church, their faithfulness, and their sacrifices to raise a worthy daughter to be here serving a mission. So that is straight from the lord people! I have amazing parents!

As for people we´re teaching, most of our people we had to drop because they wouldn’t come to church. They love to visit with us and want us to come back, but don’t want to progress or change anything in their lives to be happier. It’s like we have to break up with them lots of the time and say ´´it’s not me, it’s you..´´ Sad but true. But we met a really great couple last week named Kelle and Zakoel. They are really great and interested in the message of the restoration. They even were getting upset, not understanding why they hadn’t had this wonderful message for more time in their lives. They have lots of doubts, which is good, because it means they’re actually interested and not just nodding their heads with everything we say. It’s amazing to see how this light goes on inside their eyes when we teach them a principle of the gospel, it feels like finally their spirit is recognizing what we´re teaching, something just clicks in their head. The gospel is so true guys!! And getting to teach about it every day is even better!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of hugs and love and service and everything else good in the world! Love you so much!

Sister Walker 

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