Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 - The Prophets Drink Coke!

                                         Sister Monteiro, Other Roommates and Courtney

                                  Sister Monteiro, Sao Miguel Ward Members and Courtney

                                   Sister Monteiro, Courtney and Roommates in Sao Miguel

Hi everyone!

Well you read the title right, as well as lots of spiritual guidance and instruction, the whole world was also informed that the latter day prophets drink coca cola and/or dr. pepper people!! Caffeine is not against the word of wisdom!! I was right! I was right my whole dang life!! *mini bow*.

Anyways conference is so amazing as a missionary. Also even greater when all the talks are giving specific and direct revelation from God to the members of the church on how they need to amp up their game and help us out more! That really really was an answer to my prayers. I just sit and listen to all the talks and the time just whizzes by. I see how directly and specifically the Lord answers our prayers if we really open our minds and hearts up to ask specifically.

As for news here, I am being transferred as I suspected, I’m going back to Sergipe where I’ll be serving in Aracajú, in an area called Eduardo Gomes. But before that I’ll be going to Maceio to pick up the new sister that I’m going to train! I didn’t think that I’d spend my last 2 transfers training but it’ll be a fun new experience! The other sister I trained went home with problems, in her foot so now I’ll have a legacy here! haha. Sergipe is kind of far away from everything but it’ll be fun to serve in a city.

Well I’m busy today saying goodbye to the members and investigators I’ll leave behind here, people that I really really just love so much but will have to leave behind. Funny that I never really loved the members so much in an area like I do here. But they will always be in my heart! Cheesey but true. You learn to love the people despite their flaws and awkward things they say, despite their lack of understanding on certain gospel topics or focus on the more important things in life. In a lot of ways it’s just like our Savior chooses to love us despite all of the reasons we give Him not to.

I can tell you all that my mission is without a doubt the best and most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. Never has the Spirit been with me so constantly, never have I felt more close to my Savior and feel like I’ve walked just a few steps of the path He walked on. The saddest part to me is that we learn and are edified and feel the spirit and know what we need to do better, and then lots of times we leave the chapel and our lives continue the exact same way. Please please don’t let all of that instruction go to waste we just got! Think and pray about what you can do to help the sisters, pray to know who is ready to learn more about God and not the church, who would like to read the Book of Mormon to increase their faith, please think about how much it will mean to the future generations of the people we know down the line. Don’t let all the counsel of the prophets go to waste. I know my family is wonderful, they will have the courage to become wonderful missionaries as well! I love you all! I don’t have a doubt in my mind about our role in the Lords work, He has called us and He needs us. He has a true church that was reestablished on the earth through Joseph Smith and a tangible proof of that is the Book of Mormon. Lots of people still don’t know about that. If they did, that would make all the difference.

Have a great week full of new experiences and sincere prayers for help!! I love you all more than I can say.

Sister Walker

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