Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 - Testimony Slamdown

 P-Day Volleyball Game With Sister Lauder, Courtney, Sister Menezes and Sister Carvalho

                                     Birthday Party For Zone Leader, Elder Andrade

                                                             Eduardo Gomes District

                                             Celebrating Sister Menezes' One Month Mark

Hi everybody!!

So here’s a quick update on my week. We are getting a little more settled into the area here. All the members think its a huge area for just 2 sisters but I’m like yeah I’ve had areas three times the size of this one... the bishop continues to worship at our feet, he basically did everything but tell us to take a bow in front of everyone at our first Sunday here yesterday.

We had our first district meeting and I had found out last minute it had been our ZLs bday so I went into mom mode and whipped out a little party for him. When he got there we all yelled surprise and he got so happy and turned to me and Sister Menezes and said ´thank you sisters!!´´ And I said ´´´why do you think it was just us who did this?´´ And he said ´´please, do you really think an Elder is capable of doing all of this?´´ haha. That is correct sir!

Anyways fast and testimony meeting was... interesting here. It is always a gambling game when our investigators are visiting for the first time... its funny to me when testimony meeting turns into people pointing out what other people are doing wrong in the ward that they think should be changed. For example: someone got up and started telling a story, as usual. The next person got up and said ´´I’d like to bear my testimony that I know we aren’t supposed to tell stories over the pulpit.´´ and then someone else gets up and says ´´I’d like to bear my testimony that I know we should all worry about our own lives and not butt into the lives of others.´´ and then when the ward gets a little rowdy and a man gets up and says ´´I bear my testimony that I know reverence is a lot more than just being quiet. amen.´´ hahahah I was dying the whole meeting. But they are a smaller ward so they are still learning. We are patient with all people and their weaknesses.

We are getting creative to get referrals here. I like to do an activity with Noah’s ark. I teach about the story and tell about how there was room on the ark for all those people, and it was Noah’s job to tell them all to repent so they wouldn’t die. But if Noah hadn’t done his part announcing that, those people wouldn’t be guilty if they died, because they didn’t know there was gonna be a flood! Noah would have been the guilty one because he didn’t announce it to the people-in the same way our friends and neighbors don’t know there is a true church with the priesthood and commandments they need to follow. So if they show up at the last day, they won’t be guilty, it’ll be US that God will be upset with, because we didn’t announce it to them. So I make the members write down two people that they would want to be on their ark with them if there was a flood tomorrow, and we mark to go visit them this week. It works like a charm!

If that one doesn’t work, there’s always people asking me for help in English class, whether its kids or adults, so I’ve started trading with them, I teach them English if they’ll go on visits with us during the week. Sold! On Sunday the relief society president even got up and said ´the sisters need people to go with them on visits everyday in the week! Who’s gonna go with them on Tuesday? Wednesday?´´ and didn’t let anyone leave until we have someone to go out with us every day this week! She is great.

But other than that, things are going good here, we´re working a lot, getting a good tan, and learning how to be patient and accept things in the Lords time and not our own. When I think about it, following the Lords orders and being faithful, optimistic and patient is the most intelligent thing we can do. We´re saying that we trust in the highest, most powerful, know all tell all, creator of the universes. I sure do trust in Him. He knows a whole lot better than us! Don’t forget to pray to know who you can take the sisters to teach! We gotta stop praying so that THEYLL find people but that we´ll know who we know that is ready for them. That is what the prophet tells us! I love you all very very much!! Have a great week!

Sister Walker

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