Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 24, 2016 - Sister Orange...

                                               Courtney At The Beach At Aracaju

                                  She Is So Happy With Her Fruit From The Farmers Market!

                                             Sister Lauder And Courtney At Aracaju

                                                   All Of The Sisters In Courtney's Zone

Hey party people! 

The work is trucking along here in Eduardo Gomes. We were having a hard time finding people to teach so we prayed and prayed and fasted and the Lord was good to us and gave us people, lots of people to teach. But then I realized how He has a sense of humor because apparently I forgot to ask only for people who are legally married... of the 21 new people we began to teach 19 of them aren’t legally married, just are living with someone and that means their baptism date will be pushed back for at least a month to get it through the government system here. Awesome. 

In other news this week it was cool because a woman in the ward took us to this huge farmers market that just sells fruit. It was cool because 1. She took us in her car so I got to ride in a car, and 2. Because I have never seen so much fruit in my life. Trucks full of oranges and mountains of pineapple and watermelon and goiaba and mamão that doesn’t even exist in my home land. And it’s all super CHEAP. The happiest moment of my life was this week when I bought 35 oranges for $5 reais which in dollars is like $1.75; that is right people, I am trading in my coca cola weight for lean mean fruit eating machine. But the woman we went with thought it was hilarious that I was so excited just to go buy fruit and oranges because the oranges here are super good, and now is going around telling everyone in the ward how much I love oranges. They now have lovingly nicknamed me ´´sister orange´´... classic. 

Last week on pday we went with the other sisters in our zone to what’s called the Orla, down in another part of Aracaju. It’s a really touristy place by the beach where someone asked if we all had the same husband and I was like barf, please excuse me and I left. But other than that it was fun to see the beach at least from far away and see the sights.

Oh and great news!! I was talking to an Elder who’s in Estancia where I served and he said that the family that I taught that was baptized after I left, Magna and Cival and their 2 kids, now gives lunch to the missionaries!! She’s on the real life relief society missionary calendar like a real life member!! I got so happy to hear that. It’s so wonderful to see how all your little efforts that you thought were useless eventually paid off in the end for someone, even if it was just that one family. I know that all of our efforts are noticed by the Lord and are even very miniscule and small compared to everything we owe to Him. That’s what I think a lot about my mission-a year and a half is very very little to give back to Him after how indebted I feel to Him. He just wants us to give our best and remember Him! How simple is that! I love my mission and I love serving our Father in Heaven! I have never felt such a real joy or purpose before all of this. But that’s all I’ve got for now, know how much I love you and miss you guys! Have a great week!

Sister Walker 

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