Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 - And Then There Were Two.... Transfers

                                                   Courtney Leaving Sao Miguel

                                      Sister Menezes, Courtney and Mayara (twin of Nayara)

                        Sister Monteiro, Nayara's Mom, Nayara (twin of Mayara) and Courtney

Hellloooo Federal Way!

Good news and lots of changes here in Eduardo Gomes. Its kind of fun to get to serve close to Aracaju, the big city here in Sergipe. My area is about 20 minutes away from the city, but still is bigger and more city like than my last area. Here they have more paved streets and less horses running around. The ward here is a little bigger and they LOVE sisters. Seriously love. The bishop is super cool, has been bishop 12 whole years (now dads counting his lucky stars he was only there for 5) and is known for only liking sisters working here. They do everything for us, show us where the members live, pick us up drop us off, give us cake, they just love us. We are treated like the princesses we always were destined to be...

Oh and my companion! Her name is Sister Menezes, she’s 23 and is from Manaus, Amazonas. Just her and her mom are members in her family, she was baptized when she was 17. She is really sweet has lots and lots of hope and faith that mission life is all baptisms and people flocking to learn about the Mormon Church. I try not to do anything to take that hope away from her. She’s super excited to be here and just jumps in to everything even if she doesn’t really know how to do it yet haha. But it’s good. We live just us 2 which is different for me but still good.

Funny story this week, so there is a girl named Nayara in São Miguel that had told me her twin sister had just gotten back from her mission and lives in the stake I’m in now but another ward. So one day we were at an activity and I look up and I see who I think is Nayara from a whole different state and I got so happy I almost cried and I said ´´Nayara!!´´ And went to hug her and she said ´´no I’m Mayara, that’s my twin sister!´´ haha and she got super happy I had met her sister all the way in a different area. It was like Mary Kate and Ashley except Nayara and Mayara and they don’t have their own hit tv show. But it was super fun to get to meet her. I’m sending of pic of her to compare the two.

We are kind of starting from zero in this area since the elders here before didn’t leave any indication of anything or anyone actually with promise, so it’s a little frustrating sometimes just trying to not get lost in the city slash also find people who want to be taught. But the members take us to their neighbors house and their friends house so that’s a huge score. We use Elders Oaks talk from conference now in all the messages we leave with them to kick their missionary efforts in gear. booya! I was kind of worried to start training and be responsible for the whole future of another missionary, but I know how much the Lord gives us chances to grow and learn. When we were leaving Maceio to go to Sergipe we had to leave at 5am, and I didn’t know if there would be a taxi or anyone to get us there where the buses are. I was freaking out thinking we wouldn’t make it there with all our suitcases and started praying and praying for help. I was up in an apartment window and I looked down and all of a sudden one single taxi had appeared outside, 5am, with no one on the avenue. THAT was a miracle. I know we are qualified when we do all we can to fulfill His callings. I love my mission!

More to come next week! até logo! amo muito vocês!!

Sister Walker

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