Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016 - Buckets Of Fun...

Baptism of Mayse, Maycom and Maxwell

Sister Missionaries and Irma Nayara

                                                 Courtney Draining The Baptismal Font

Hi family!

So this week was a fast one because we were running running so that some of our investigators could get baptized this week. After lots of bumps in the road, people who got scared or wanted to wait more time, or moms who were mad at their kids for being obnoxious, we got 3 of our amazing investigators baptized, Maycom, Maysa and Maxwell! The others will shortly follow. But it was a great week! I felt like I could finally catch my breath a little bit finally, that our work was finally showing its fruits. The baptisms were great; I have never seen people SO Excited to be baptized!! They were all nervous and antsy saying ´´is there gonna be a lot of people there? Do they all know our names and who were are already? Am I gonna have to give my testimony in the front on Sunday? Are we already members of our church?´´ They are really great. It was also a great opportunity to finally get their parents to step foot inside the church, and now we are working on getting them married and at the church on Sunday!

The high of this week was that we went to fill up the baptismal font Saturday morning. We had heard it might be filled since the last baptism which was a few weeks ago but we went just to try and drain it ourselves. Turns out ´´draining´´ this font doesn’t mean just pressing the little button, it means you get to take out all of the dirty smelly stinky water full of bugs and new species of bacteria unknown to science, bucket by bucket. haha. It’s funny now that I write it out but it was not so funny in the moment! lol. We spent about 3 hours throwing buckets of sick water out the window or down the toilet just to be able to fill it back up again. Adventure is out there! Am I right?!

This week I also noticed that the bishop here, when the people are going over their time limit as dad would say during their talks, the bishop raises the pulpit up and down a little as a secret signal haha. Classic Bishop Henrique.

Let me also just make it publically known how much I enjoy Jared’s weekly life updates now, seriously he puts in a recap of pretty much every day of his week which makes me feel like I’m right in the moment with him haha. #jerryshoutout

But other than that things are pretty laid back here in São Miguel. The city elections here started so it’s a whirlwind of campaigning and shallow promises and sad music jingles that will never come close to ´´vote me maybe´´. I don’t know how another week already passed by. I feel like the world works in weeks now and not days, the time passes so quickly. All I know is that I love this work! I love feeling so close to the spirit and knowing more about my Savior every day. I feel closer to Him than I ever have, and that’s not despite the hard moments but exactly because of them. I know He has a real and living church here on the earth! And when others find out about that they will understand why we are the way we are! A nice and peculiar people.... work hard to share something about the gospel with someone this week! We don’t understand how much others are searching for the missing puzzle pieces we have. I am glad to have gained my real testimony here on my mission, a place and time that I will never get back after December 27! I love you guys so much! Have a wonderful week! se cuidam!

Sister Walker

Ps. here are pics of the baptisms this week, one picture of all of us with Irma Nayara who’s our friend in the ward, and us with the nice brother in the ward who helped us clear out the sick nasty water in the font with buckets!

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