Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5, 2016 - 14 Month Mark!

                    President & Sister Gomes, Sisters Steele, Estela, Courtney and Sister Monteiro

Hi guys!

What a fast week, I feel like I don’t even remember anything that happened it was all just a blur... I guess I should start taking more time to reflect on it all but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I also can’t stand still for more than 6 minutes anymore which also doesn’t help. haha

This week I was on splits 2 days, one of which I got to stay in the area called Farol, which is where the mission office is and everything-one of the real city life areas in Maceió. (mahh-say-ohh). I had been thinking about how cool it would be to serve in an area like that, I got so incredibly excited to see tall buildings and paved roads with lots of cars, lots of shops and places to go, I had forgotten that all existed. I thought ´´wow how cool it would be to teach real people (not that my investigators aren’t real people oops...) but a different level of people´´. Then I went and tried to help the sister there do contacting on the street and teach their investigators and I got a whole lot of hand in the face that day. We went to teach a 22 yr old rich girl who is already a lawyer or something and I got super nervous teaching and was stumbling over my own words... then I went back to São Miguel the next day and felt a renewed love for my area, for the members here, for my investigators. They might not be rich and they might all breast feed in front of me, but they know the real essence of the gospel. They don’t question everything, they listen first and then ask God if it’s true and they are humble so they are much more in tune with the spirit and can recognize an answer a lot easier. I thought I was a city girl... I don’t stink so!

In other news, there’s a little boy in the ward who’s 6 named Thomas who has glasses and refuses to talk with anyone who is over the age of 12. My goal since I got here was to make friends with him and get him to talk to me. And this Sunday after church he ran over to me, pushed a piece of paper in my hands and ran away. I opened it up and it was a picture he had drawn for me with the chapel and a sun and a missionary. Wiener!!

I found out my address to tell dad to look up on google maps if you can find it, its rua jose claazans n. 43, centro, são miguel dos campos, alagos brasil 5724000. You can walk in my footsteps woohoo!

But really I feel so happy to be with these people, testimony meeting was great yesterday here. I see how much faith they have, because when trials and tribulations come to them, their first reaction isn’t to blame God or doubt their faith, it’s to cling tight to the things they know are true. Their first reaction isn’t to give up, it’s to push through. That is a real lesson for me. Because I know a lot of times I ask ´´why me?´´ or I become doubtful. They teach me that real faith means that you trust in God and continue to do all the right things, not just when it’s easy but when everything is falling apart.

And thank you for helping the sister’s investigator who lived with a gang in Phili, he has been waiting his whole life to come to know what he knew in the preexistence, and you guys will help give him the stability to stay at the church and feel welcome! That is the best help you can give!! I love you all, more than I can say!

Boa semana a todos e sejam missionários excelentes! eu amo vocês!

Sister Walker

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