Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 15, 2016 - "Why Can't I Be A Prophet?"

                                               Funeral Program For Missionaries Leaving

                                                  Going Away Party For 2 Missionaries

                                                The Socorro Family Attending A Baptism


Anyways this week was so amazing and crazy busy. I went on splits with 2 different sisters and they were both new on the mish, and I forget that I’m not anymore... I remember when the sisters told me they had been on their missions a year and I felt like a big noob... now I have one year but have yet to shake the feeling of still being a noob. We´ll see.

Well the going away party for the missionaries was a success. They were all surprised, and we made a special lunch for them at the church. We planned it all like it was a funeral for them and we all bore our testimonies and it was great. I had even made up a program with their pictures on it that said ´´in loving memory of... Elder Zeron and Sister Domingues´´ with lots of scriptures about death and all that. We killed it.

The family that went to church last week went again this week. We are trying to get the elders in Maceio to go visit the oldest sister so she can be baptized with her brothers when she comes back home this weekend. But elders aren’t super reliable unfortunately. All the elders are a little scared to get a phone call from me here. We also were teaching a man and his wife who basically was meeting with the sisters before us just to say he already knew everything about the Mormon Church. I didn’t teach anything else I just told him he had to ask god specifically if Joseph Smith was a prophet to take away his doubts about the church. And he said ´´I’m not gonna ask god, I already believe he was! He talked to god, received revelation, and was a prophet. I too, talk with god and receive revelation, so I too am a prophet, just like you and you and all of us!´´ So then came the long conversation of why he can’t be a prophet because he doesn’t have the priesthood or the ability to receive revelation for the whole world, and he kept saying ´´but a prophet prophesizes, and I receive revelation!! Why cant I too be a prophet??´´ So we kinda just left him on that one..

And this week is gonna be a special one because Sydney’s getting hitched everybody!! I will throw my own bouquet up into the air just to feel like I am there in the action. Wait does this mean that in 2 years I have to get married in August too, because it seems like it’s a Walker family tradition by now... to be continued.. But this is the last week in this transfer so we´ll see if I stay here with Sister Monteiro or if I leave. But I love it here! I’d be sad to go. Anyways just know how much I love you all and am so grateful to know my sister will be getting married in the temple this week. That is a true gift in and of itself to have my family on the right path. I am so grateful to know that the lord loves us enough that he gives us the choice to choose the right rather than just forcing us to do that. He trusts in us SO MUCH that he knows we are capable of doing what’s right without being forced. I am so grateful to know that and know our Father in Heaven has a perfect plan for us. This church is true and His gospel is true and perfect. My doubts are taken away every time I have the courage and humility to ask about it! I love you all, make sure to put my head on a stick and put it on lots of pics!! parabéns para o casal do ano!!

Sister Walker

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