Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 -- Its Already August??

                                          Courtney Getting Her "Baby Fix" With Pedrinho

                                                           Sister Monteiro & Courtney

Hi everybody!

Wow I feel like I was just here telling you what I did and that I didn’t actually do anything note worthy this week but here goes nothing. This week was really cool, the other sisters had a baptism of a guy who’s wife was less active but they helped her come back to church and now he’s baptized too! It was really a miracle, his story, because I remember when I came here on splits a few months ago and his wife was talking about him, how it was impossible to baptize him, that he hated the missionaries, wouldn’t even look at them when he got home. But slowly and surely the gospel went touching his heart. He finally gave in and decided to pray and find out if it was actually true and felt the spirit! Everyone in this ward got to see a real life miracle this week, it was great. Speaking of recent converts, have you had the new families over for dinner yet? Who remembers all of their names? Give yourselves a big flick in the head if you don’t. This is crucial timing for them now!! Right when they’re baptized the adversary works super hard to pull them out of their little gospel bubble and back to their comfort zone. They need FRIENDS people. Please help the sisters out!!

Anyways we met some really cool families this week, that surprisingly all are part of the same religion but go to different churches. Turns out they are all some sort of leaders in their churches, like almost pastors but not that high up yet. It’s like an extremely Christian church, idk how to explain it. But it’s hard to find time to teach them because they go to church 2 times a week, and the other family is working all week for the church. So it was a little intimidating to teach someone who actually has read the bible cover to cover and knows a whole lot more about Ezekiel than I do.

But what was really cool is that as we were teaching one of the families, we taught the restoration. And we taught that after Christ, the 12 apostles all died, there wasn’t anyone left on the earth with the authority of god. That no one had the power to baptize or have a real valid church. And that is right in the moment that usually people freak out because we basically say that their church doesn’t have real authority, but this woman we were teaching named Socorro said ´´wow your right! Wow I never thought about that before, you’re really right! And where did that authority go? And who got it back?´´ And I was so relieved!! I was SO happy because we teach that a million times a week and basically no one understands that literally NO ONE on the earth had the priesthood until Joseph Smith, and she understood it!! It is amazing when you find someone who you thought would never accept it, but they just need to be given the chance to find out for themselves! It was such a wonderful feeling.

The other family was a little less focused and at the end they were super excited to say the prayer, but little did we know, they asked us to stand up, and when Sister Monteiro started saying the prayer, each of them began to say their own prayer really loud and with various ´´amens´´ and ´´hallelujahs´´ and ´´god blesses”.... I had to hold it together to keep from laughing during the 3 prayers happening at the same time. But they will learn.

Anyways I’m going to go take a nap now so see you guys soon!! I love my family very very much. You are the most important people to me after the savior!! boa semana!

Sister Walker

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