Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016 - 5 Months Until Christmas

                                                                District In Sao Miguel

                                                       Courtney Chillin In A Hammock

Hi everyone!

Sorry my time will be short today because we have a million things to type up and send to our ZLs and Presidente Gomes but here are the updates in São Miguel.

We are teaching a nice woman named Eleneice, a neighbor of a member here. Well we were teaching her and her husband, and then one day we stopped by and she told us her husband had picked up and left with another woman... after being married (LEGALLY married people-that is a big feat) 33 years he left. So now we are trying to help her see that sometimes the Lord takes things out of our lives that don’t help us grow spiritually, even when we like those things.

Here they are starting back up a one time a week activity at the ward. It’s sad to me when very few people show up and the leaders have worked to plan it all out and have it all ready. I had the haunting words of dads voice come into my head when I would complain that I didn’t want to go to mutual every week: ´´we support our leaders and our activities´´. I didn’t ever know what that meant-but now I do! When we go to the things they plan you’re showing you actually support and appreciate their efforts.

One funny moment this week was that a lady from the church department in Sao Paulo called our phone to talk to the American sister I live with. This woman doesn’t speak Portuguese and was asking some questions in English to me-what I didn’t realize is that I was responding in Portuguese and she wasn’t understanding... at one point she said ´´Ok I’ll call back later when someone is there who speaks English´´ and I said ´´oh okay. Oh wait I speak English!!´´ Keepin it classy over here with my Americanized Portuguese.

But anyways things are going really good here! I get along good with Sister Monteiro, it’s funny, we´re the tall companions with straight hair and the girls we live with are both short with curly hair. But I really love this area. I feel such a drive to work every day even if my body doesn’t feel the same way- I don’t have patience or time anymore to sit around doing nothing because I feel like I have the personal responsibility to help all these people know the truth! Just think about how unique and powerful our message is! There are people waiting for it even if they don’t know it yet! We are part of the true and restored church of Jesus Christ, with a prophet, 12 apostles and the priesthood here on earth. How special is that message!

amo muito vocês se cuidam!!   (Love you so much. Take care of yourselves)

Sister Walker

ps the pics are of a great hammock at a members house and my new district-the elders are super stoked they can use hats and sunglasses now.


MOST WONDERFUL NEWS IN THE WORLD: SISTER BARBOSA EMAILED ME, WHICH IS GREAT NEWS BUT SHE TOLD ME (idk why it was in caps I was just really excited) she got a message on FB from a young man. We´d taught him and his mom and dad and sister all the way back in Estancia before we were transferred. He told her that his mom and sister had been baptized, and that he had got to baptize his dad!!!! He thanked us a lot for our work, and said ´´I will never forget when you knocked on my door and asked if our neighbors were home (we were looking for the ward members that live in front of them) because of that, today I know about the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I will never forget Sister Barbosa and Sister Walker´´. Such a precious moment for me-THAT is why I’m here. That’s why we serve missions. So that after all of the tiring and hard moments you go through you get to plant the seed so that a family one day will start on their journey back to our Father in Heaven. Wow! I can’t even believe that happened.

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