Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 6, 2016 - Lagarto Week 1...

                                                           Sister Barbosa and Courtney
                                                           Companions For A 3rd Time

                                                  Surprise Birthday Party For Courtney
                                               With Sisters Sousa, Barbosa and Custodio

Hey everyone!
So I’m back in Zona Lagarto which feels like somehow I never left... here is a branch again and another small city. Not as small as Itabaiana or Estancia but still. We live here with 2 sisters, Sister Sousa and Custódio who were here before us, and they are super cool. I love them. But it is kinda sad when you get to an area and everyone already knows the other sisters and they’re like ´´wait why are you guys here too now...´´ haha. We are trying to get to know the members so we can actually have some real people to teach. I also forgot how fun it is to have people stare at you on the street, think I don’t speak Portuguese, or yell broken English phrases at me as we´re walking. Example: ´´helloo my namey is…!!!´´
Big bday shout out to the big bday boy JAREDDD yes Jared not Jerry or Geraldo (for now-your only bday present) who is 12 years old woohooo!! I like Jared because he used to let me sleep in his crib when he was a baby, because he likes to eat nachos with me, plays Mario Kart and goes on bike rides with me. And because he has good fashion sense.
I’m starting to feel a little old on the mission when you wake up and everything hurts... lol. And I had a very Spencer moment this week when I realized that there are 2 types of hungry in life: regular hungry and so hungry that you’re actually gonna get up to go make something yourself. Life lessons on the mish.
Sorry my letter isn’t super great, hopefully next week I’ll have bigger news to share-we´re just trying to get settled and learn the ropes here. But I am still grateful for the trials the Lord gives us-because it is just those trials that will one day qualify us for the celestial kingdom! It’s a fair price.

Love you all! 

Sister Walker

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