Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 - Mummer's B-Day

                                                       Mission Conference In Aracaju

                                             Sister Barbosa, Sousa, Custodio and Courtney

Hey everybody! What day is today? Mom’s bdayyy! I love mummer because she is everyone’s #1 fan and doesn’t get tired of going to our soccer games in the rain, cheering too loud for us on the sidelines, doing a zigzag part in our hair, putting notes in our lunches, or just listening to us complain after a long day. I love mom because she knows how to prioritize and teaches us to love the gospel before anything else. We have the best mom ever!
As for this week we tried to be more creative here and work with the members and do lots of family nights at their house to see if they would have pity on us and give us people to teach. Mostly we are working with less actives (there is about 1000 here in this little city...) and their family members who aren’t baptized. This week we went to visit a family who were all baptized about 10 years ago and were super firm and then fell away and no one knew why. We visited them and they told us their dad never listened to the missionaries, avoided them and wouldn’t even look at them, that he hated religion. But we went over there and shared a message with him and invited him to participate and he did! haha He even prayed at the end of it! Sometimes you just gotta show the people how much you care about them before they’ll care about how much you know.
We also had a really great mission conference for Sergipe in Aracaju this week where we got some other good training on how to help our investigators feel comfortable at church. Presidente Gomes spoke and a returned sister from Itabaiana. She spoke about how your mission is like a soccer game-sometimes you don’t wanna start because you know it’s gonna be a lot of work, but once you’re out there playing you never wanna stop. You see all your friends on the sidelines cheering you on, and when you get subbed out you just wanna go back in and help your team. But at the end of your mission you’ll have to be the one cheering on the others, wanting to go back in there and help but your time will be up. That really resonated with me and my soccer days. It got me focused on using my time better here.
I really am grateful for this short time I have to dedicate all my efforts to showing the Lord how grateful I am for the knowledge and abilities He has given me! Really we are living on borrowed time so we should make the best of it. I know the Lord loves us enough to give us challenges so we can grow. Something that I was thinking about was when I ran hurdles races. You can’t cross the finish line if you ran around all of the hurdles-the same goes for our lives. Food for thought. I love you all and I know this gospel is true! There is no other place I’d rather be!

Sister Walker

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