Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20, 2016 - Feliz São João!

                                                  Courtney and Sister Barbosa Wrestling

Let me just start off by saying I got to spend almost the whole week at home taking care of Sister Barbosa because she got waaay sick, so there is not a whole lot to update you guys on... lol. Now she’s getting better but I had to keep myself busy making soup, cleaning up throw up, taking temperatures, flagging down a member to take us to the hospital, and while she was sleeping I had to do everything from paint my nails to start reading the bible cover to cover. It got real difficult this week lemme tell you.
But this week will be fun because right now in June and July there is a huge festival called São João going on in all of Brasil. I’m not sure what they’re celebrating but its bigger than Christmas-everyone wears plaid and eats a lot of stuff with corn. Fried corn, steamed corn, cornbread, corn cake, corn pudding, everything under the sun with corn in it. And we´ll get to go to the branch party here on Friday night-more corn stories to come next week!
I was always thinking a lot about how my personality is different here, but I’m not sure if it’s a Brasil thing, a missionary thing, or just a personal defect of mine, but I feel such an urgency to speak of gospel things, to tell everyone how it is. Even if no one else sees how important these things are right now, at least I do and I can help! But I find myself saying things I would never have said in my past life like ´´you have to get married, you’re living in sin not being married´´ or ´´you need to have your son be baptized before Christ comes back´´ and ´´you need to be sealed in the temple or you won’t make it to the Celestial Kingdom´´. When I remind the members kindly about keeping the Sabbath day holy I constrain myself to keep from using Exodus 31:4 but it is oh so tempting... I think that the Lord is blessing me by taking away my American tendencies to keep quiet and worry about offending everyone every second- we are in the last days in preparation for the second coming of Christ people-wake up!! Ok that was my missionary moment for now. Just know that one day all these people that don’t know about the gospel will say ´´you knew all along what would happen and what we had to do-why didn’t you tell me?´´ food for thought!
Love you guys so much! Talk to you next week!
Sister Walker

In other news, bean prices here have skyrocketed and everyone is having a panic attack. That’s pretty much it…

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