Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 - Surprise Transfer!

                                                         Courtney and Sister Barbosa

Hey party people!

So yes the title speaks the truth, I was emergency transferred last Monday afternoon for a new area, Santos Dummont which is in the capital of Sergipe calledAaracaju. Presidente Gomes called us last week and said ´´the mission is needing of your help´´ and this isn’t our first time around the block so we said ´´where are we being transferred President?´´ So turns out the reinforcements we gave to our beloved area in Lagarto were a no go so the area got shut down and we were thrown lovingly into other areas for 2 more weeks until the real transfer. My new area is the smallest area in the mission and now it has 2 pairs of missionaries working it... the members are more than confused. But it has a good ward and an almost well functioning committee meeting-the best I’ve seen on my mission so far.

I always had heard that the end of your mission isn’t easy for anyone, you always pass through a lot of trials, but no one ever talks about how it’s also hard for the companion of the person going home. We are learning to persevere. I’m also pretty sure that Presidente Gomes put us in this cushy area to throw us a bone after all we had to deal with in the other area. But I don’t mind! Now I live with 2 other Americans and it is surprisingly strange and difficult for me to live with just Americans... I don’t know how to act or if I can eat their food or what they’re thinking, I feel out of my comfort zone. But hey it’s only 2 weeks.

This week I have been thinking a lot about the Book of Mormon because I’m in Mormon right now. I learned that if we don’t ponder and study and put ourselves in the positions of the people in the Book of Mormon and understand what they went through and everything they sacrificed so that we can have that book, we really aren’t doing it justice. I like to think about all the wars like a movie in my head and it makes it easier to remember the context and everything. I really love the Book of Mormon. My favorite scripture right now is 1 Nephi 21:16. I learn so much more about Christ than I thought I could-I’m learning now how important it is to remember Him in everything. He looks at the marks in His hands everyday and thinks of us, the least we can do is remember Him in our words and our deeds. I love that book! And if other people haven’t heard about it yet I sure am excited to tell em. I love you all so much! And happy late father’s day to the best pdaddy out there! Love you dad! até mais.

Sister Walker

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