Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016 - 3rd Times The Charm?

                                                 Birthday Celebration With Sister Estela

                                             Best Gift Ever - A Baptism On Her Birthday!

So transfers are in! In short, our area here will be closed now until the members learn how to better care about missionary work. Sister Estela is going to Maceio and I am going BACK to the first zone I stayed in for 8 months in Sergipe! I’m going to Lagarto now instead of Itabaiana or Estancia. And I’ll be companions with.... drum roll please.... Sister Barbosa!! hahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing when I found out. Either we work really well together or we are the problematic sisters no one wants to be with... haha. But seems like most of the mission is getting transferred back to Sergipe now... weird. 

New pants news since everyone seems to be super interested: yes we can use pants! No its not a rule right now, only if all of us start getting dengue then it’ll change. We can also use dark sunglasses and sun hats woop woop! Pull out my floppy beach hat from the back of the closet, all bent and crumpled. 

I’m sad to leave Sister Estela because I found a real true friend with her, someone who just serves and serves and doesn’t look for anything in reward. She’s a lot of things I always wanted to be; brave, courageous, strong, sure of herself. But she’s planning on meeting me at the airport on my connecting flight to Sao Paulo in December so it’ll be okay :)

This week was one where I learned a lot about the Lords plan for us and how we have to trust in that plan even when we don’t understand why. The other brother of Marias family got baptized this week on my bday (Holla). Sad to say there were 0 members there. But I have learned so much with that family, they will always hold a special place in my heart- they were the only ones who knew it was my birthday, but they don’t have any money or any furniture, or anything really. But as we were going to the baptism, Maria was carrying a little red sack and she told me she had found a little money and went to the store to get me a present and she handed me the sack with a bright red belt inside of it. I had to bite my tongue not to cry. A family that didn’t even have anything to eat that day, who has 3 pairs of clothes, who sleep on foam mattresses, had pooled their money to get me a gift for my birthday. Marias belt is a story I’ll never forget. 

Arapiraca was a place I learned a lot of things, I’m sad the members will have to be punished now for our many cries for help and attempts at changing their perspective on missionary work. Now we´ll be known as the sisters who closed down their ward- but I was feeling so heavy in the work here, I didn’t realize it was the spirit telling me that the Lord wasn’t going to permit any more work to be done and then wasted at the hands of the members. He really does know what He’s doing. 

Well I’m off to Sergipe tomorrow 5am! I love you guys! Thank you for the birthday wishes! 20 years young wooohoo!!

Sister Walker

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