Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016 - PANTS

                                                  Baptism of Maria (18) and Anderson (15 )

                                                Preparing For 'Game Night' Ward Activity

Let me just give a public service announcement since my mother thinks I am breaking one of the 10 commandments LYING to her, my leg rash has been cured! Through the marvels of modern medicine it is all gone. Pics to prove will follow if I remember...

So this week was a whirlwind! We finally got a bone thrown to us from the members and our LMA helped us plan the ward activity game night which was super great. It was supposed to be an event to invite your friends and integrate new members but unfortunately the members forgot about that part. Next time. But they had ´´guess the music´´ and races holding a broom on your palm and I remembered in my past life how I used to be really competitive... 

In other news I’m sure everyone is freaking out about the new rule that sisters have to use, yes, the dreaded, work pants for proselyting. So I’m in Maceio right now to renew my passport and tomorrow we have a meeting here with all the sisters in the mission to find out what the regulations will be exactly for sisters here. I’m gonna look like the biggest loser wearing work pants walking around when no one here even wears shoes on the street. 

But this week was great because we got to finally have the baptisms of our investigators, a great family of siblings, Maria and Anderson. We´re teaching their other brother too but he got scared on the day of the baptism and bailed... but they are a wonderful and simple family who have taught me a lot about just how spoiled we are in the states. It’s just a little sad to me when we work so hard for these baptisms and then 3 members show up and 1 is the bishop... 

In other news yesterday at lunch with a family somehow it got let out that in my house we have a garbage disposal, a dryer and washer, and a dish washer. The women were so surprised they asked ´what does your mom even do all day?? Americans are so lazy...´´ hahah. But hey to me it was smart to invent something to not have to do the work! Am I right? 

But this week I’ve been thinking about how truly humbled I’ve been forced to become, how you realize how little the material things matter. How if you aren’t well spiritually, if you don’t have  purpose and love in your life, you could be a billionaire but still wouldn’t be truly happy. Is it possible that I got more hippy tendencies here on my mission? I just love my mission. And I love you guys! Have a great week, maybe I’ll have pics of eggs and flour dumped on my head after my bday this week! Fingers crossed! 

Sister Walker

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