Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016 - Feliz Dia Das Mães!!

Sister Barbosa, Sister Estela and Courtney

Hey everybody!! So I’m gonna keep this email short so we have lots of stuff to talk about on Sunday. Who’s excited please raise your hand!!! But seriously I am. I think I’ll try to be online about 6pm here so it’ll be 1 pm over there.. Is that correct? Hopefully the internet will be better than the last try... but your church is at 9 am, right? 

Anyways big b-day shoutout to our b-day girl JULIIIEEEE cuhs when you’re 16 and someone tells you they love you.... it’s probably Duddy.... remix. But I love Julia because she’s funny and eats cream puffs with me and watches netflix all rolled up in fuzzy blankets. And because she’s not afraid to wear her overalls and talks about political issues with me. We are the perfect couple <3 

This week I learned some info about packages; so you can’t put on the description exactly what’s in it or people will wanna snag it. You gotta be really vague on what’s inside like ´´office supplies´´ or ´´books´´ or something lame people won’t want. 

But anyways this week was hurried because we had yet another conference in Maceio for the leaders of the mission to talk about how the mission is baptizing more than the other month but this month needs to be even higher. Gee whiz! It’s funny I realized that my mission is really small compared to some others, it only has 154 missionaries so you pretty much know or have heard of everyone here. But we learned a lot about how to focus on the doctrine of baptism and how it will help everyone in whatever circumstance they’re in. It’s good to focus on something so common in religions, because everyone knows Jesus says you have to be baptized to enter the kingdom of god, but then comes in the question; how should we be baptized or what church should we be baptized in if they all claim to be the right way? So it’s perfect because it’s something simple but profound that our investigators usually get hooked on.

I also found out a girl serving here is from Forteleza and has met Melanie before! She said she went on splits with Melanie one time. I’ll try and remember the name of her ward. But this week we taught Mateus and his family again and they are slowly warming up to religion. But Mateus is way ahead of the game and when he prays in the lessons he stops everything, kneels down and starts talking with god, it is the most wonderful thing to see! In one of his prayers he said ´´please help all of the people out there using marijuana that they can be cured´´ hahaha. I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing most of the time. But he´ll be baptized soon enough ;) Anyways I’ll talk to you guys this Sunday!! Happy almost mother’s day! Love you so much!

Sister Walker

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