Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016 - Lord Of The Flies

                                                            Courtney's Previous Zone

Hey everyone! 

We had kind of a slow week this week with lots of random things happening that sometimes stopped us from being able to work, like my companion getting sick, or the secretaries calling us to say we had to move the next day to our new apartment and things like that. But hey we moved! I am an expert mover. My motto was like dad: ´´if we haven’t used it in the last 4 weeks, throw it out!´´ Sister Estela is more like mom: “but what if we´ll need it one time in the next few years...´´ haha. But our new apartment is actually in our own area and had a hot shower for one day but then broke... oh the wonders of mission. 

I’ve gotten frustrated with our tactics of meeting people just by talking to everyone on the street, it’s not very effective and you don’t meet people super interested. So we´re gearing our efforts to work with the members to teach their friends and family. It’s a slower process but you get better quality results. We met the sister of a man in our ward and her family, Sandra, Cisero and Mateus their 10 yr old son. And let me tell you that little kid is one spiritual guru. He had SO many questions for us about religion, like why Catholics have a certain prayer different than ours or why some people think Mary is a saint and some don’t and why there are so many churches. He told us ´´I worry myself sometimes so tell me this; when Jesus comes back, what’s it gonna be like? Sometimes Satan tempts me to do bad things but I usually don’t do bad things but sometimes I do...´´ lol! We´ll get to tell him the answers to all those questions this week!

The other funny thing working with members is that we´ll be talking to them about missionary work or walking around in a neighborhood and they ALL say ´´yeah there are a ton of less actives that live here! You guys should go visit them sometime!´´ and I just want to bean all of them on the head, because they all think it’s only the work of the sisters! I just think ´´you guys all know where they live, what their problem is, what their background is, and we´d have to search around to find out all of that when you guys could just go visit them on your own!´´ but hey we all have our own difficulties in life.

I think a lot about how my family being strong in the gospel, how I was born and raised in the truth, and knowledge that I have has influenced me. It is very very rare to have such a firm family where everyone is active in the church here in this area of Brasil. Very rare! I think of how much Heavenly Father has put every single little detail of my life in order so that I could make it to this point in my life and testimony, and be here sharing these truths that have changed my family’s life with other families.  I love my family so much! Thank you for being wonderful examples of diligence and faith to me! Talk to you soon!

Sister Walker

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