Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 - Rollin In The River

                                                 2 Districts In Their Zona Litoral

                                              Courtney, Sister Monteiro And Rubia

                                              Courtney And Sister Monteiro

Hello to the good people of Federal Way!

Wow I can’t believe we´re already in September. We had a zone conference this week with all the missionaries in Alagoas, and it was so weird talking with the elders I got here with that all were saying ´´wow Sister Walker the time is ticking! You’re already getting on your flight home!´´ I said: can it you weirdos I still have a whole lot of time here thank you very much! I can’t really process coming home yet because I 1. Don’t know where I will be living or studying or 2. If I know how to do real life stuff anymore.

This week was really great, we had been praying and fasting that we would find people to teach, but not just any people, but people prepared to be baptized. And the Lord heard our prayers! It is amazing what a difference sincere prayer makes in our life. They can be repetitive and boring and your life will become so, but if you take the time to really talk to Heavenly Father you can have your eyes opened to how much you were missing before. Anyways we found a great little family, there’s the grandma Maria Jose who is known as the angriest crabbiest old lady on the street, her son Vagner who is a little lost in life, and his daughter Gessiara who’s the sweetest and most spiritual 9 year old you’ve ever met, that all live together. If we weren’t friends with them, I would be very scared of Irmã Maria Jose tbh. She tells about how much hate and anger she has inside her heart that she can’t seem to get rid of. And she’s never liked any sort of church. But in one lesson she felt so alleviated when we came to her house, she felt like we had something different that all the other churches that came to her door never had. We said that’s because our church is true! And she said ´´for the first time in my life I want to go to a church!´´ and they went! It was great. We actually had 8 investigators there yesterday which was a blessing. But Maria Jose said during sacrament ´´now THIS is a church! Are we gonna get baptized today or is it next week?´´ haha; slow and steady missy!

We´re also teaching the niece of a big family in the ward, Rayane, whose dad finallyyy will let her be baptized this Sunday! She is so sweet, she started crying in the closing prayer when she told us he let her be baptized. And at the end of the prayer she ended it ´´in the name of Jesus Christ... of latter day saints amen!´´ hahaha. So cute.

Another funny story about prayer, we were teaching a big group of people and at the end we always have one of them give the closing prayer. I picked one guy and he said he didn’t know how to pray so I showed him in the pamphlet the steps to pray, where it explains how. But what I didn’t know is that his prayer would be literally reading the steps out loud... haha. It went like this *everyone with their eyes closed and head down* ´´address your Father in Heaven. Express the feelings in your heart and your gratitude and ask things you are in need of. End by saying in the name of Jesus Christ amen.´´ Prayer is important people!! Got to start somewhere.

I also got some very nice letters in the mail this week from my nice family! It’s funny, the other missionaries saw all the papers and I said yeah all my siblings wrote to me and they say ´´wow I wish my siblings all wrote to me...´´ and I say ´´yeah its actually my mom that forces them to but it’s the thought that counts´´ and they say ´´man I wish my mom would force people to write to me...´´ lol. Go mummer!

I hope you all know how much I love you and appreciate you! I can’t think of anywhere else I am meant to be right now but here, forgetting about myself for a short period of time to just focus on the needs of others. That’s where the real magic starts. I know that the Lord is with us as we choose to follow in His footsteps, that He knows and loves us. An infinite power is waiting for us if we choose to ask for it. The church is true! I love you all!!

Sister Walker

And here’s a pic of 2 districts in my zone, Zona Litoral, a less active girl Rubia that put dread braids in my companions hair, and us enjoying an ice cold drink from a coconut on the side of the road!

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