Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016 - Struttin In São Miguel

                                 Roommates: Sisters Domingues, Steele, Courtney and Monteiro

                                                   Sao Joao Party with Sister Monteiro

                                                      Courtney at Sao Joao Celebration

                                              View Of Sao Miguel From Their Apartment


Well my first week in my new area was SO GREAT. I love this area. Wow I have never felt a spirit so good about an area and a ward. The ward here is small but strong-they are really amazing people. They have 3 or 4 people that served missions here and the rest think that we´re all angels sent from above (which I can’t completely deny). We went to a São João party they had here and we didn’t know anyone and one lady came up to us and said ´´I love you two. You are the reason that I came to know about the gospel of Jesus Christ 6 years ago. Thank you´´. That just melted my heart!

Oh and bday shoutout to Spencerrrr-I like Spencer because he has good fashion sense and he taught me how to change a tire, and because he let me hang out on his couch in Provo and he’s a good listener and a good example to me. Happy 30th bday!! oops...

But my area is decent sized, actually here there are 2 sets of missionaries and we live all together. The area I’m at is the part above, because the whole city is divided by this huuuge hill. Literally it’s huge. We have to take a van to get up to our area every day which is like 30 minutes with all the stops, and then we have to come down every night too. But it’s alright; our area has tons of people and lots of members that live close by.

I got to give a talk yesterday about missionary work (surprise surprise) and it’s so funny to see when a missionary gets up to speak about preaching the gospel everyone basically conks out haha. So you gotta throw a joke in there to wake everyone up. But I like to give talks when I get to a new area so I can avoid all the awkward questions that everyone asks to my companion like ´´does she speak Portuguese?´´. It’s also funny how when everyone finds out you’re American, they start talking to you about Obama-I pretty much always am up to date with everything he is doing or saying because everyone thinks that is my number one priority for some reason..

We got to teach a lot this week which was great. We had tons of references from the members who took us to their families houses who aren’t members, or their neighbors and we make friends with them easy and teach them and mark dates for their baptisms! It’s that simple people! I’ve been thinking a lot about our true identity as children of god. If all of us really understood and really knew how precious we are to god, if we really understood all that is waiting for us on the other side, all the treasures and happiness and love, it wouldn’t be hard to keep the commandments, it wouldn’t be hard to get up and go to church or read our scriptures, we wouldn’t be scared to talk with people about the church, because WE know how important it is for these people to know. That is what the difference is about knowing who we really are. We are princesses and princes preparing for our eternal destiny! I am very thankful to know that is true. Our decisions really do determine our destiny. I love you guys so much! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Walker

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