Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 - UM ANO!! (ONE YEAR)

                                                           Farewell Sister Barbosa!!

                                   One Year Mark - Gets Eggs & Flour Smashed On Her Head

                                                    Church Openhouse - Araracaju

                                       Surprise Party For Sister Barbosa With Their District

Hey party people! What a wild week to end a wild transfer. Seriously longest transfer ever. But I survived!

So what’s the big secret? (let Jared fill you in on that one) I will now be transferred once again back to the state of Alagoas, Brasil, to a little town close to Maceio called São Miguel. I’m gonna be companions with a very tall very sassy and very funny sister from Cabo Verde (thats in Africa people) named Sister Monteiro. I’m leaving tonight at midnight on a bus that will take all the missionaries that are being transferred to the other state-which means I won’t sleep at all tonight, score! In other news I’ll have to say goodbye to Santos Dummont which is a very cutesy area I love. But I knew I would never stay because it would be too easy to send Sister Walker to a ward that is fully functioning in a real city. I’ve learned that missions are a little bitter that way, you meet such amazing people that change your life, and then one day you have to say goodbye to all of them and continue on. That happened with Sister Barbosa this week when I sent her off to her bus. I’ve realized I am really terrible with goodbyes, I always have all these nice things planned out to say and then I get up there to say goodbye and I just start crying.... then it gets awkward and I have to excuse myself.

Anyways this week I didn’t even work in my area, I had a meeting in Maceio where I got to see my favorite Sister Estela woohooo!! It really is the little things that make your mission great-I was so happy to get to see and talk to her again. But then when I got back we spent all the other days helping at the new chapel open house that opened up about 10 minutes from our area. The chapel there was in construction for about a year and just opened up! I took my rightful position outside the gates calling people from off the streets to come in and take a looksie. I was surprised how many people stopped what they were doing to come inside for a tour with some nice members or missionaries and only a few people explaining too much about baptisms for the dead.

That’s all I really have got for your guys this week. Now I get to scramble back to my area to get all my stuff together and head out! I really love my mission. I can’t think of any other place or event or way I could become the person I want to be and Heavenly Father wants me to be, without going on a mission. It has changed every aspect of my life, how I think, how I view the people around me, what I want to do with my life. I love being a missionary! When we truly understand how indebted we are to the savior and all He gave to us, the problems and challenges don’t seem so overwhelming. I know that that is true! Hope you guys have another wonderful week of summer!

amo vocês!

Sister Walker

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