Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 - "It's The Mormons!" "There's No One Home"

                                        Wendel's Baptism (he's the shorter one in the middle)
                                                  Courtney and Sister Estella on the left

Hey Guys! 

Yes once again that subject is a real life quote from the mission field. I had the funniest/most stereotypical mission experience this week as we went to contact a reference from a member. We knocked on the door, and instead of answering, they just yelled from the other side: ´´Who is it?!´´ And I said ´´The missionaries!´´ ´´The who??´´ ´´The Mormons!´´ ´´There’s no one home right now´´ .... To which I responded ´´That’s strange, then who am I talking to?´´ haha. Sometimes you just gotta make the best of the funny reactions people have to you.

This week was wonderful! Well not super easy but our work finally paid off with the baptism of our friend Wendel!! woohooo! It was so great to see him so happy. He is already doing lots of missionary work, bringing all his friends to church! Now we´re preparing for the baptism of one of his friends, Marcos, this Saturday if everything goes as planned. Wendel will be a great elder someday! He told his friend on Sunday after he got the Holy Ghost ´´Man, I really felt something special, there’s something different about me now. And you’re gonna feel it too!´´ He’s a great kid. 

Our work is really starting to go well now. We have a good teaching group. I was wondering how it had change so quickly and realized that all of our investigators have a friend that’s a member! THAT is the secret to missionary work people. We are teaching really great, actually interested people who know a little somethin somethin about the church because the people that LIVE here actually know the people that are ready!! Missionary work shouldn’t have to be knocking on doors or chasing people down on the street that try to avoid talking to you!!

And we had interviews with Presidente Gomes this week, which I was super nervous for but turns out Presidente actually likes me and trusts me! Who knew? He told Sister Estella I’m a great missionary with a special light that guides the other missionaries #makinmomproud

One night we were planning at the end of the day and then we hear someone clapping at the door (like knocking on the door), and it was our ZLs... Turns out they were just hungry and had stopped to beg for food because they knew we´d have some haha. But hey missionaries gotta stick together!

My address here is Av. Dom Joao Sexto 122 A, Bairro Capiata, Arapiraca Alagoas so dad can look me up on google maps.

I just love being a missionary. I don’t think there is anything else more worthwhile that you could do with your life at this age than to learn how to painfully and slowly and sometimes grudgingly mold your life to be more Christlike. And then you turn around in the end and understand why the Lord wanted you to go through a trial, because you turned out better in the end! There’s a great video on the church website called ´´I’ll go where you want me to go´´ with a family who all does service throughout their day, if you get a chance to watch it, it is wonderful! All the families here love it. Well that’s all for now folks, I love you so much! Have a great week!

Sister Walker

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