Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 - Dia De Amor

Hey guys!

This week the work got rollin... rollin... rollin in the river... anyone else feeling jazzy today? I’m starting to feel a strain on my English so sorry when my letters start to not make sense. 

This week I got to read the letter mom sent with me when I left entitled ´´when your investigator drops you´´ haha sad but fundamental moment in your mission. We were teaching Rafael, a 17 yr old theology wannabe who I thought really had a desire to change his life. Turns out he doesn’t believe in god. That complicated things. But we are determined to meet the people waiting for us in this area!

To honor Valentines Day back home in the states, I made heart shaped pancakes for everyone (which is surprisingly harder than previously imagined). I also told people at church it was ´´love day´´ so they started going up to everyone and saying I love you and hugging them haha. That is what it’s all about people!!

This week we had an interesting lesson with a grown woman with a bird on her head. I am not joking. She went the entire lesson, a grown woman, sitting on the concrete floor with a small green parrot nestling in her hair. I wish I could have taken a picture without being sups obvious but to no avail. Brazilians sure do whatever the heck they want haha. 

I’ve also had a funny cough stuffy nose for a few weeks, and I have learned that it is basically the worst thing you could ever do in Brasil is go into a members house and cough in front of the woman in the ward, because everyone and their dog has a medicine that ´cures it all´. One day I came home with my bag full of weird leaves from various plants, roots and pills to take. Let’s just say I like to stick to the natural route from now on.

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about humility, and how it’s the starting base for all of our other decisions and our character. How if we´re humble, we understand and recognize our limits, how we are so weak and fragile as mortals and need as much help from the lord as possible. With this, we become teachable and we listen to guidance and direction. At home sometimes I thought that having faith meant just following blindly. But I’m learning a lot about how having real faith means you trust enough in the lord to know he knows better than us, he has a better plan for us, and we just need to take the first step because after that he will lead and guide our path!

Also special shoutout to P-DADDY for his bday today woohooo! I’ll be eating good tonight!! Rice and beans-ask me if I’m surprised.... but happy birthday dad! I love dad because he’s nice and inclusive to everyone around him, knows lots about the scriptures and teaches us the importance of them. 

I love you all. Hope this week is great!!

Sister Walker

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