Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 - Blazin and Praisin

                                                      Courtney's House In Itabainana

                                            Courtney, Sister Barbosa, Reis, and Santos

                                                      The Street Where Courtney Lives

please disregard my drug reference as the title of this email if it offends you...
Hey people!
2 whole weeks in Itabainana holy cow! It feels like ive been here my whole life... This week was kinda long. I didn´t know how tiring it is being a missionary... But we had the son of the couple who was baptized last week get baptized on sunday so that was cool. and we have a guy whos been investigating for two years getting baptized on saturday! my companion said im good luck and i cannot disagree. speaking of my companion, shes so great. she can be really sarcastic and keep a straight face like me so we get along great. and im just now starting to be able to understand jokes and sarcasm in portuguese, most of the time that just goes straight over my head because im so focused on finding out what theyre saying. ive been doing this annoying thing where if im really tired, ill be saying a sentence and then an english word will slip in and everyone will look at me funny. yeah portugeuse is still hard, but i was able to understand a little bit more of what the investigators were saying this week so hurrah for israel!! but i still havent even met all of our investigators we have so many. its like the gentlemen jugglers trying to keep all of them and the recent converts and the less actives straight. but i love love them all! its funny little tender mercies you get as a missionary like you're  running after a lesson to catch the bus and it comes right as you get to the road, or instead of seeing the drunk guy on the street youre trying to teach about the plan of salvation whos laughing/crying through the whole thing as strange, you see him as a son of god who needs love and a purpose in life. 
one of the families im closest to here is irma jucealma and irmao adaymeir who are recent converts with a whole mess of kids. 6 to be exact, all under 13 i think. those kids are my favorite even though theyre pretty dirty most of the time. they run to you in the streets and kiss your hand and pick you flowers, theyre so loving. this week we got to help them build a bathroom out back of their house. they were so so so excited because they were gonna have a real bathroom, can you imagine? and that night they wanted to give us dinner but we said no they didnt need to but they kept insisting and insisting so we said ok. the mom brought some rolls, a little tub of butter, a little block of cheese and a bottle of guarana. i knew that this was all the family had to eat that day. the kids kept walking in and out looking longingly at the table , but they kept asking if we wanted more and more to eat. they are so giving I couldnt believe it. even the little 2 year old adriann said´´you want more sister?´´ i am so blessed to get to meet the people here.

 one time we were contating on the streets and stopped a dad and his son and asked if we could teach them. he said yeah and gave us his name and we started talking about the church. then he said ´´im sorry, i lied and gave you a fake name because i didnt know you. but heres my real name and address´´ haha crazy right? theres a line in PMG that says that people will recognize the missionaries as servants of god. i think thats what happened there.

i´m learning how to do things the brazilian way like mop the floor wih a big squeegie and wash my clothes in a bucket. whats also cool is that its pretty much like a utopian society in my house. brazilians are very community mindful, so if you make something to eat you make enough to share, if you buy food everyone can use it to make stuff, i kinda like it. but i cant help but think still about being on time everyday and that things could be done a little bit more efficiently. but i guess we´ll see with that one.
okay random #justbrazilianthings. we were teaching a lesson with a 13 year old girl and her mom was there with 2 other little kids, and we´re talking and all of sudden the mom just starts breast feeding right there and i baby barfed in my mouth oh it was horrific. also i was asked two different times in the same day during lessons to pray for the people in english. i was all for it but my comp said it was a no go :/ people ask me how to say stuff in english all the time and im happy to cuhs maybe then they wont think im a complete dink who doesnt know how to say anything! they always ask my companion if i speak port, right in front of me.  im like hello i am here too thank you. but i do need to speak up more. also funny is that no one can say my name ever, im lucky if i get sister and something that sounds like it starts with a w. 
we also had a district meeting in lagarta which is about an hour away. theres 4 sisters and 4 elders in my district and they seem pretty cool. two of the elders are americans which is pretty weird. one i know from the mtc too so thats nice. i had my first interview with prez gomes and hes a chill guy, very in tune with the spirit and wants to know about my health cuhs lots of missionaries have problems with their feet or ankles or legs. but my shoes are sooo much better equipped than the girls here so im set.
missionary work is tough, alot of the time id rather just sit at home and take a nap, but then i meet someone on the street who has been wondering about their purpose in life or how their family can be together forever and then i remember why im here. but i miss you guys! everyone here is amazed that all my family is active members. you guys really are the best. stay strong and keep doin the little things to solidify your testimonies! thats really what its all about. i love this gospel, i love my savior and i love you!
até segunda-feira,

sister walker

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