Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015: First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

*hairspray soundtrack* GOOD MORNING MACEIO!!!

I am here everybody!! I am finally in the place that the prophet of the lord called me to serve in. I got up at 6 and left the ctm at 7 (better than the other girls in my district that left at 4) and got here at 1ish. Its wicked humid. Its probs 75 or 80 and its winter. All the elders tell me im gonna be black when i go home and ask me if i brought a lot of sun screen. Heck yes i did. I was the only sister with 10 brazilian elders, well and the one american from my district. Theyre really nice with me and joke with me and tease me and try and speak english with me. Everyone makes fun of my 3 big suitcases. Then we met one sister who had been in provo her whole six weeks and just flew here yesterday. Her portuguese is a little lacking. 

We have been told that all of maceio is very very poor. I will learn a lot from these people I’m hoping.  Also, there are only 4 american sisters here, well me and the other sister today made 4. Out of 35ish. This’ll be legit!! Theres a few more elders that are american but not many. We're at the mish home now which is like a short castle and then we're gonna go to the capela nearby to meet our companions. 

My mish prez seems nice, i cant understand him that well but his wife i can. They already gave me some weird drink and pills to help keep the parasites out of me. #monstersinsideme...?

OH and the coolest thing in the world happened, i started talking with the couple next to me on the plane and they were catholic and i talked to them about the church and gave them a book of mormon and told them it was true and would bring their family closer together because it had with mine and they were so interested and started reading it all on the plane. It was so great. 

I fasted this week and have been praying alot i wouldnt be so scared to come here and i wouldnt throw up on anything and the lord really answers our prayers. He knows us individually and is aware of our needs. I am so excited to be here and speak and learn and teach and love the people here!! Thank you for your prayers and your letter today (mummer). I love you guys!!

Ps whoever sent me something at cheneys i didnt have another pday so i gave it to irma correa to eat- sorry! *julias sideways alternate thumbs up and down face* talk to you guys soon

Sister walker

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