Friday, August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015: Hey Now, Hey Now...

                                                                           Last P-Day At The CTM In Sao Paulo

needless to say if you didnt sing ´´this is what dreams are made of´´, you are either dad or you are not in the walker family.

minha querido familia como voces estão?!
my last ever pday that i´ll be writing from the CTM how crazy is that!!! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone here. for one thing i just finally felt like i was figuring things out around here and now i have to leave... but i hear thats the way it is with missions all the time. this week was a lot of classes and trying to endure to the end with our lessons and learning lame past subjunctive and future subjunctive grammar (which dont even exist in english so theyre extra fun to learn how to use). But for funsies all the Brazilians that are going to our missions came last week! There are a tonnnn of brazilian elders going to maceio with me. But no sisters :( apparently they were looking for the girl they heard was going to maceio because a bunch of em came up to me and said ´´you´re the one going to maceio?! ive never heard of an american sister going to maceio!´´ but i think they meant like none other going the same day with us. idk. my portuguese não é muito bom. but mostly this week has been trying to enjoy every second with our district that we can because we´re all pretty torn up about having to leave each other. we´ve been inseperable for 6 weeks and the great part is that these are actually kids i know i would be friends with outside the mish. it was a blessing to get a mini family while im so far away. we had a little compliment circle one night during district meeting and the compliment i got from all the elders was ´´thank you sister walker for taking the most (pardon my french) crap out of anyone´´. not sure how to take that one but it definitely feels like home lemme tell you. #middlechildprobs

i´m also learning Brazilians are very blunt which is awesome but scary. a sister in my district is very very tiny, and TWO different adult women, (one in the temple), told her she looked like she was in primary..... hahahah i should not be laughing but cmon thats pretty good stuff.

In other news, we listened to a devotional that Pres. Nelson gave in Provo a week or so ago and he taught us that each of us in our own way is like the stripling warriors, because every single one of us will return home from battle with some sort of wound or scar. but as long as we have the lord on our side, we will be able to return home which is the real objective. he also talked about how the real evidence of the success on your mish wont be able to be seen in the next 18 months or 2 years which i thought was interesting. because 18 months seems like an eternity right now so its weird to think that my efforts will be effecting people for generations to come. but hey thats just the power of the gospel!

oh and also this week i may or may not have cut off all of my hair. well not all of it, im not rockin the miley cyrus or anything but its short again. yes mom you were right i shoulda done it before i left but it just wasnt workin with the humidity and all that. ill send pics when i get into the field and am not imprisoned by the CTM rules. sydney would bust a gut, cuhs i just had the sketchy ctm barber guy cut it haha he literally cut it straight across and in a flat 3 minutes. but i had a girl fix it here so it looks fine. its just hair!

also an elder in my district said randomly one day ´´guys, have you seen girls with glasses?´´ and i was like uhm get with the times, of course i know them. im somewhat distantly related to summer bellessa. and that amped up my street cred x100 so thanks to them for bringing some sort of talent to the walker name.

i had my first (of many) portuguese fo-pah this week in a lesson with a member. he asked me to say the closing prayer so i was praying and then, well wait. so in portuguese theres 2 words, saude means health and saudade means longing or home sickness. so i was attempting to pray for our families and wanted to asked them to be blessed with health, but instead i asked for them to be blessed with home sickness... needless to say the prayer was soon ended after that because i pulled a dad and couldnt finish the prayer without laughing and my companion (like mom) telling me to put a sock in it.

my time in the mtc has taught me so much but i defs dont feel ready to be a real missionary. but i think thats the great part about being a missionary is that i dont need to know how to say everything or do everything, because i know the lord will provide a way for me to do the things i need to as long as im putting in my effort. as sad as it is to leave my teachers and friends here, this is what ive been called to do. and because i know my purpose now, i will do whatever is needed of me here.

i love you guys so much, i´ll talk to you in maceio!!!

sister walker

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