Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015: 2 Months Strong-ARMY Strong

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Hey party people, contrary to popular belief i am alive and well. Yesterday was Brasils 4th of July so the whole city was shut down so sorry for the no email! also i apologize for my spelling right now because the keyboard im using is from when honest abe was in office.
2 months down whoa! to celebrate i taught a lot about jesus, walked around a lot and to top it all off, sweat a lot so it was a good day. but really, its great being a missionary. we taught a lot of lessons this week with a lot of good families. the prob here is getting follow up lessons or people keeping commitments. both our baptisms fell through this week so that was a bummer. but we are honestly meeting so so many people being prepared by the lord to hear the gospel, its amazing. and im starting to take the lead in lessons now too! the great thing here is that everyones on a different starting ground than in the states. basically everyone here believes in god and the bible and agrees when we say we believe christ lives and loves his children and has a plan for each one of us. when we ask people how theyre doing they all say ´´good, thanks to god´´ haha. 
so far i have encountered 3 cockroaches and 1 lizard friend in my house which is 3 too many. they were quickly and painlessly exterminated. RIP. my roommates make fun of me cuhs im always killing bugs. also in brasil you drink your weight in pop every year so i had to cut back when i felt all my skirts tightening. also today at lunch at a members house some of the kids were talking to me about America. they all think all Americans are blonde and blue eyed and i tell them thats not true but i guess im not the best advocate of that. one of the boys said ´´and there doesnt exist any ugly americans!`´´ lol. all the irmas here are so nice and generous, when we go for lunch they always say ´´its nothing fancy, its nothing chic im sorry´´ when its a fine meal, and i think ´´yeah when i cook for myself now i like to stick to the 3 main food groups; popcorn, top ramen and cookies.´´ but the food here is the besssst. ahh we dont have food like this back home.
but this week i learned a lot about prayer and about my savior. we were teaching alot of people who have really hard trials in their life. their mom is sick in the hospital and they have to take care of all the little kids, their grandson is in a gang, they are trying to get married to be baptized but dont have documents to do so, stuff like that. so we teach that god never gives us a trial that we cant handle. that he doesnt give us trials to see us fail, he gives us things he knows we have the ability to overcome with his help, and will make us stronger. we teach a lot of less active people and we teach about perseverance, that we need to stick to the things we know to be able to live with our heavenly father again. and i realized the other day that these are the exact things that i need to remember right now. i  need to remember that although things may be a little hard now, my savior is always with me, he knows my struggles and wants to help me. that right now i need to persevere through my trials so i can be able to teach that to others. thats what our training was on today in our district mtg too so i know that was inspired and was for me. 
other than that, i think ill have more exciting news next week hopefullly. i cant believe you guys are all back to school (back to weinerdom for spencer) and everything! its funny to think theres a world outside itabainana brasil right now. but i pray for you guys every single day and am so so grateful to my father in heaven for giving me you guys! eu amo voces!

sister w

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