Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8, 2015 - 1st Official Letter

                                      Courtney's District with the MTC President and his wife.

July 8, 2015
8:04 am


Sao paulo so good (hopefully you get the joke there...)
Well I´m here at the CTM! The flight was long and horrible as expected, but i met up with about 10 other missionaries outside the gate at Atlanta. I thought i was gonna miss my connecting flight cuhs my first one boarded like 30 minutes late but i ran and pushed and shoved just like you taught me mom. On the flight to Brazil there was this huge youth travel or service group or something with us with matching tshirts. down side: there was a tweener couple makin out in front of me the whole time. also, delta is way sweet and every seat has a mini tv in front of it with all these frree movies to watch...... mission temptation numero 1. I tried out the 3 sentences of portuguese i know on the girl next to me named camille, but either she couldnt understand anything i was saying or she just really didnt want to talk to me haha #strikeout.

Okay Sao Paulo is so awesome, for one thing driving around is so crazy, we took a big sketchy white van from the airport to the mtc and pretty much everyone on the freeway merges whenever the heck they feel like it, even if theres no space in the lane, 2 cars will just share the lane for a little bit, no biggie. oh and theres a zillion little motorcycles that weave in and out of traffic, and drive on the white lines in between 2 lanes and all the cars just make room for them. sao paulo looks a lot like downtown kent mixed with tacoma, lots of old buildings and really intruiging but pretty sketchy. so far all the houses ive seen are sandwiched together, and they all have big gates across their garages or their entire front property and their windows. the CTM is like that big black door that mary kate and ashley open (except its brown) from billboard dad, right on the side of the road and then the big gates open and its like this huge business/hotel looking building.

My companion is Sister Kinnamon, (cinnamon with a K) and she is from Mesa and is super sweet and thoughtful. I like her. She laughs at all my jokes. there are 2 other sisters that came with us but they think they~re hot stuff cuhs they were in the provo mtc for 2 weeks already waiting for visas. whatevs i still have to be nice to them. We all walked into the cafeteria and everyone stared at us çike we were zoo animals so that was cool... We moved into our room so far today and then they let us take a nap which was DA BEST. literally only slept 2 1/2 hours last night cuhs the plane was  so uncomfortable even after i took those dopamine pills or whatever mom gave me for motion sickness. there will be 2 native brazilians sharing our room but we havent met them yet.

I HAVE MY NAMETAG TOO. that is my favorite part. even if it does have a dork dot on it. later today we just have welcome meetings and going over rules and stuff, then personal study and yeah idk. they have us on a pretty tight schedule i hear, but also they give us an hour for each meal so theyve got their priorities in check.

They only give us 15 minutes to write this so more to come. I didn~t realize how far away brazil would feel, i think thatll be one of my challenges is to not feel sorry for myself and feel all lonely. but theres a vball bball and track here that we get to use on pdays and walk around the city so im excited for that!!
I miss you guys already, the people talking to me at the airport were astounded that i was leaving for 18 months, he said ´´no wonder your moms over there crying´´ haha. this portuguese keyboard is super weird. too many symbols i dont know how to use yet. k gotta go, thanks for my notes. LOVE YOU ALL

Sister Walker 

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