Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm Just Worried About Your Salvation... And Stuff

                                                          Courtney and Sister Kinnamon

sup weenies!!!

another week gone. holy cow. i cant believe how fast i´m learning portuguese (sike) but how fast the time goes here. basically my entire life now is speak, write, read, teach, listen, sing, all in portuguese. we only have 45 minutes to email here (so lame) and we´re not allowed to send pics so sorry about my letter last week and every one in the future. last week a guy was yelling at me to turn my computer off since i guess i was on too long, at least i think thats what he was saying, he was speaking portuguese sooo...

p days here are amaaazing. today we went to the sao paulo temple which is tiny but mighty in spirit. we also get to walk around outside and last week me and sis kinn just walked around and saw the people. as soon as we got out of the gates she takes out this HUGE map and i was like okay how to look like a tourist 101.... haha.

everyone here asks me if im from salt lake city. one girl asked me if ive seen the prophet. im slowly starting to realize how different a world it is here from the states. im also so lucky and blessed to be able to have the family i do and to have your suport and sacrifices in letting me be here. a lot of the sisters here are from brazil or peru or bolivia, and most of them are 21, 22 or 23. they-ve all had to work a long time to be able to save up enough money to be here and i just kinda always expected i would go. so thank you mom and dad for giving me this amazing opportunity!!

my homesickness is getting better. i pray alot still. mostly cuhs thats like the only time i can speak english without anyone yelling at me. i have never felt so connected to my savior and father in heaven than i have here in just 2 and a half weeks. i asked 2 elders in my district to give me a blessing this week and that has helped immensely too. Its kinda crazy because i've never felt so overwhelmed, inadequate, far away from everything in my life, but ive also never felt so sure of my purpose here on earth. i am here to be a representative of the savior. and in order to do that i need to be seeing these people that im teaching (even tho theyre fake investigators right now), teaching them, and loving them as christ would love them. one of our instructors irma correa who is the best person on the planet, told us that if christ came to teach the people in maceio, he wouldnt teach them in english, he´d teach them in portuguese, which is why i need to learn how to teach in portuguese too. (even tho during most of my classes im like jared: ´´voce bebi leiche...?´´) but that makes a lot of sense to me now. speaking of irma correa she is our firey columibian teacher with the testimony the size of the grand canyon. she always teaches us to be the best we can be without being too strict or down your throat about the grammar or anything. but yeah i love portuguese, and always think im doing okay at it during class and can understand everything the teacher says, then i go to lunch and eat with the brazilians and realize that i literally know nothing so thats fun.

i love being the minority too ps if anyone was wondering. i cant believe how much you can love people that you can barely comunicate with!! they talk loud, sing loud (and off key), hug alot and are so kind. but the MTC prez wife likes me being here because i can actually play the piano so i play for lots of the devotionals. the MTC prez teaches the american gospel doctrine class on sundays too so thats pretty cool. sundays here are da best and so spiritual.

more to come next week, thank you guys so much for your letters and prayers!! they help me more than you can know. i love you all very much, and the lord loves you too! (He told me so in d and c 100)

sister walker

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