Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015 - I'm A Missionary

Hey fambam,

this week flew by holy cow. Basically the coolest thing in the world happened and we got to go PROSELETYZING (how the heck do you spell that?) OUT IN REAL BRAZIL TO REAL PEOPLE AND GIVE OUT REAL BOOKS OF MORMON. it was amazing. we took this crazy bus ride comparable to the Knight Bus in harry potter 3, then they just dropped us off and we had 3 books of mormon each and they just told us to go find people. it was the greatest experience, everyone we talked to ACTUALLY talked to us and even sometimes UNDERSTOOD what we were saying. sis kinn was pretty nervous so i did most of the talking but it was good. the people are so friendly and receptive, they always, except one time, took the book of mormon and said theyd read and pray about it. i was astounded. it was the strangest thing too because as i was talking to these strangers about how they felt about jesus christ and how he had impacted in their life, and i testified to them that he is our savior and that we can go back to him after this life through the gospel, i really could feel the spirit witnessing to me that that was true. it was the best thing ever. i cant wait to have real people to teach. except one time a man i was talking to hugged me when i was done talking and it was super awk and apparently my teacher irma correa was watching us then cuhs after she said ´´sister walker no hugging strangers on the street!!´´ haha my b...

oh i got your guys´s letter this week! super awesome cuhs no one ever gets mail here so you get to parade it around like the cats pajamas. i got it on monday in case you were wondering. and mission ties is so awesome thank you so much!!! im going to pick up my treat after i email today. we went to the sao paulo temple again this morning and got to work in the laundry room (supes fun) and then the session was in ENGLISH HALLELUJAH even tho like everyone in there was hispanic or brazilian idk but i wasnt complainaing.

so language update: portuguese is still hard. i love love speaking it, but its so hard to understand all the different accents from around brazil here. also my vocabulary is pretty limited to only like church topics so unless someone wants to talk to me about the restoration of the gospel through joseph smith or tithing, im pretty much out of convo topics. its sometimes really frustrating because we get yelled at to speak portugeuse only allll the time. and its just exhausting speaking it all day, and i also can never express what i need or am feeling in portuguese so i just end up saying nothing. i also get frustrated because when im upset and stressed, i want to be alone, but i literally am never allowed to be alone. bummer. guess ill have to get used to that one. also its werid cuhs i feel like im being babysat here all the time. and i hate being micromanaged by the instructors so that really grinds my gears.

everyone here tries to fatten me up. not kidding. the lunch ladies that serve the food always try and make me take two desserts and im like uh no one questionable jello cup is enough for me thanks.... but its so weird, weight is like a huge deal here. theres a scale right outside the cafeteria that everyone uses after every meal. 3 different sisters have asked me how much i weigh here, fun fact.

oh i forgot to mention last week, but we got two new sisters in our district, sis lund and sis chandler! they were in provo for two weeks and then got their visas. its so great having sisters with us now. and they fit right in with our weird crazy hilarious district. all the instructors say that we´re a really good district (as far as americans go) (really though), and we´re good with the language and all that but idk why we seem average to me.

brother claudicosta (costa..?) from the 70 came and spoke to us but the english headphones werent working so idk if he said anything inspiring. oops.

american things to get for future packages if any: tide to go pens, big ole journal, american candy, mints.

other than that, being a missionary is getting so much better! i love teaching lessons and seeing my fake investigators progress in the gospel. i love seeing how much hope and love the gospel brings to people, even if its just strangers on the street. my motto of the week is `´i can do hard things.´´ the lord puts these trials in our life so that when we use faith to overcome them, we can in turn help other people along the way. thats what i keep telling myself right now so ill be able to help my real investigtors. i cant believe i only have 2 weeks left here. ahhh cant think about that right now. too scary.

i love you guys, thanks for keeping me in your prayers!!

sister walker

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