Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016 - Felipe's Parents Are Married!!

                                            Courtney and Sister Helm climbed a jaka tree!

Yes you read that title right, Felipe’s parents are lawfully legally married people it’s a miracle!!! But I’ll get to that soon.

Hey party people, happy New Year!

For new years here we pretty much just wandered the streets looking for anyone, and I mean ANYONE that we could talk to or teach haha. It was a tough 2 days because everyone goes to the beach or just sits outside their house totally drunk dancing samba or something like that. Then on New Years Eve we got a fireworks show because surprise, some guy was lighting off legit huge fireworks right in front of our house on the street haha. Not exactly sure how safe that is but it happened. It was cool to see! We woke up at 11:45 and said happy new year and Sister Helm tried to kiss me but I wouldn’t let her (kidding) and we went back to sleep. And now its 2016 how weird is that! Oh and everyone in Brasil wears white on new years eve to represent purity or new beginnings or something inspirational like that so I did too. Note to self: never do that again. 

Funniest thing ever, Sister Helm is from Idaho and lives on a farm so I like to tease her about that. And she told me that in Idaho on new years eve, instead of having a big ball drop like in New York, they have a giant POTATO that drops at midnight and I started dying laughing. 

But okay back to the family of Felipe who is just great. We just gotta get them to church! The problem is that the dad works in the feira on the street everyday selling stuff. So if he doesn’t sell that day, they don't have money for food or anything. So we´re trying to work around that and get him to church. We had such a great lesson with them this week about the restoration. The spirit was so strong and it was amazing to see that it was connecting inside their heads even if they didn't understand 100% of everything. The dad said that everything we were talking about just somehow made sense to him, he didn't doubt any of it. And the mom said that when we talk and come to their house that she can just feel in how we talk that what we´re saying is true, that she feels something different than when other churches come to try and teach them. And this whole time I was just beaming thinking ´´yes yes yes!!! This is what we´ve been looking for!!´´. I just love the restoration; it makes so much sense in my head. And maybe it sounds weird the first time you hear it about Joseph Smith and a vision, but you just have to pray to know. Don't ask us, go ahead and ask god and he´ll respond to you. Its as easy as that! ahh missions are great.

This week was hard to find people but finally all the holidays are over so we´re back in business! And this week I get to start doing exchanges with the other sisters! Wish me luck... oh and I’ll have to do emails to president and the zone leaders of the other sisters next week and the week after so we won’t have lots of time to email you guys so sorry in advance :( but I love you all!! Start of 2016 with a bang, hoot, holler and more Christlike!

Sister Walker

P.S. Also: I shared a message after lunch one day at the branch presidents house with his family. The message was that Pres George Albert Smith once said that our own personal salvation is dependent on how well we shared the gospel with others on this earth. 

Then when I was done his wife said ´´Wow. Sister Walker just burned all of us hard core.´´ hahaha whoops! But its true people! Get to steppin!!

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