Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 - "Are You From The Africa?"

Another real question I received this week from the lovely and internationally aware, area of interior Sergipe, Brasil.

Hey guys!

This week was kinda crazy trying to get people ready for baptisms, trying to get them to understand you don’t have to understand the whole Book of Mormon or go to church for months to be qualified for baptism. Our efforts are not as effective this week as others. Helenha and Elisiane say they don’t feel prepared enough to make the covenant of baptism. We try and tell them ´´hey buster, all you need to be baptized is 1. Have a desire and 2. Be living the commandments´´ and they literally have both those things! We´ll see how it goes this week.

We had a really great family night in the house of a family in the branch, Irma Kelly and Irmao Joison, who are like my adoptive family here. I always tell Irma Kelly how much she reminds me of mom because they are literally so similar, always taking care of everyone and wanting to give you hugs and everything. Also their family has 5 kids, boys on the ends and 3 girls in the middle, so they’re basically the Walkers in Brasil. But we took the familia of Felipe over there and we watched the dvd of the restoration with them and played charades and had popcorn. I seriously love that dvd, could someone maybe send the disc to me in a letter or something?? And meet the Mormons!! Anyways, since we don’t have branch activities, we have to make our own, so its usually family nights with members to integrate investigators. It was so great to see that just after an hour that this whole family of investigators was so comfortable and happy and ready to go to church. Except the dad... but that’s another story. At church at least he dropped the mom and her daughter Bruna off. He’s a tougher nut to crack. 

We also had a big broadcast for all the missionaries in the whole world this week! It was sweet to watch. It was a big training session, but it was held in Utah and had general authorities speaking, or giving tips on how to better our work, how to teach repentance to get baptisms. It’s funny because when they were all speaking, all of the missionaries are so focused, so intrigued by the pure inspiration coming from their mouths, and then when we look back at our notes, everyone was like ´´hey wait a sec, this is literally all in preach my gospel...´´ and just cuhs a general authority said it, like Elder Bednar, it made it real haha. It’s interesting to study about repentance on the mission. I never really stopped to think about it, I always just thought repentance was confessing your sins to god and then it’s all good (more or less). But repentance actually just means a change of heart, and sincerely changing your actions to be in harmony with the gospel. Yes its having a conversation with Heavenly Father, but its more just stopping doing what’s wrong and start doing what’s right. How lucky are we that we have a loving father in heaven who will forgive us the exact moment we decide to change our ways and do what’s right!

This week I got called a mermaid by a sad drunk woman in one of our lessons. But apparently a mermaid isn’t exactly a compliment here... she got nervous that I was trying to enchant her with my blue eyes and started to sing/chant a strange melody which I readily joined in on. I keep the life in this trio. Word. 

Well that’s all for now folks, I’ll talk to you in February! Love you guys!!

Sister Walker

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