Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 - "I Don't Believe In God, I Only Believe In Science"

                                                    Sister Courtney Walker in Itabaiana

Olá Nacho!
(´´how did you find me? ´´we saw you from the road´´)
Wow another week already come and gone! Its funny how this week our numbers for goals and stuff were really good but im sad cuhs i dont feel like we did enough because our investigators arent progressing as much as i want, but last week our numbers were sad but i felt like we helped a lot. oh well. Its all good! All these things shall be for our experience. I love Doctrine and Covenants. Did you guys know that? Seriously love that book. oh and the book of mormon. and the new testament. pretty much all scripture and we only have an hour each day to study which is defs not enough time but oh well. its funny how i want to study the deep doctrine and increase my knowledge about that but i know i need to be studying in portuguese so instead i think the lord is trying to remind me about gaining a solid testimony of the basics of the gospel first. (because it takes like 3 hours to read one chapter in the BOM in portuguese so thats why). speaking of knowledge, its funny how the people here are on such a different level here in spiritual knowledge. we cant talk about foreordination because we´re just working on reverence and the kids not throwing cheeseballs during sacrament mtg. (which they did not share) theres one guy in the branch named irmao nelson whos been a member a while and hes been to the temple so hes pretty much revered as the o wise one here. but i was thinking, this guy has nothing on sister kersh, patriarch hall, uncle kim and tim, people who have a really deep understanding of the gospel. but its okay! because all they need right now is to know god loves them and they need to be baptized. im grateful the gospel is line upon line and precept upon  precept. 
oh so the conference was this wknd! holy cow it was good. we had 210 people literally packed like sardines in that tiny little building. prez gomes and sister gomes were there and they spoke but somehow i got ousted to the hallway to be the ringleader of the rugrats during sacrament mtg so i didnt really hear anything that was said but im sure it was good and uplifting. but they did come bearing gifts because i got a PACKAGE filled with CANDY AND TREATS from the best people ever the WHEELERS! ahhh i was so pumped. it said it got sent the 28th of august so theres a time gauge for you mom. but ethan and riley and ashton (and sis wheeler) wrote me the best notes and drew me pictures and im working on writing them back! letters take about a month to get there so be a little patient. 
but this week was cool literally because it rained 3 or 4 days so i was in heaven because rain=clouds=less sun blazing down on you. but the down side you smell like a sad soggy dog the rest of the day. you win some you lose some.
this week i gained some major street cred while we were doing service for some people outside their house. i took a short break to play soccer with some little kids in the street and just pulled out some christiano renaldo stuff on em. jk. but for real they were impressed because apparently girls dont really play soccer here, its only the boys... some kid took a video of me on his phone so look for that video when it goes viral on youtube.
im still amazed at how receptive the people are here. almost everyone loves to have us come visit them and talk with them. the problem then is that they just want us as friends and dont really want to read the scriptures or get baptized and i just wanna throttle (momism) them sometimes and say ´´im trying to change your life here and youre making it really difficult!!´´ but we´re trying really hard to get the people to keep their commitments. theres one guy named irmao genaldo we’re trying to teach who is an exact replica of the teacher from the incredibles that dash puts a tack on his chair (julia you know who im talking about). and he always says he wont be home for us to teach him and then is always sitting on his front porch... haha awkward. and one day he was talking to us and told us he belongs to a secret Mason group of people here and i was so stoked cuhs we were like in National Treasure or something and he was all worried ´´i cant tell you guys very much...´´ haha it was crazy!
anyways we taught a lot this week about prayer. and i kept remembering how when i was little one night mom came into me and julias room and i was on the bunkbed and she taught us that we need to pray every night by ourselves and thank heavenly father for all he helped us with that day. because ever since then thats what ive tried to do every night before i go to sleep. and now im  teaching that to the families here! its crazy how many people dont know you can have a  real and normal conversation with god, instead of reciting a prayer. i know god hears and answers our prayers! Hes helped me so much since i got here. but hes waiting for us to show a little bit of faith and humility by asking for help first. and that is my spiritual thought for the week. pray with real intent if you have a question or need help! i promise you’ll receive it. i love you guys so much! talk to you soon,

sister walker

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