Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016 - Pictures Speak 1000 Words?

                                   Courtney And Sister Menezes With Some Ward Members

                                   Courtney By A Fruit Tree With Fruit Similar To Cherries

                                                        Holiday Santa/Soccer Cheer

                                      Sister Menezes, Courtney And Elders From Arapiraca
                                                             At A Mission Meeting

Hello good people of America!

Here’s the week update: we are going to have the baptism of Irmã Eliane this Saturday, woohoo! She’s super excited! It is amazing to hear her testimony. Usually the people we teach know that we have something different but don’t know really how to recognize it or explain it. But she’s different. She already has been to so many churches she gave up. She thought the Mormons were a cult who didn’t believe in Jesus! And now she’s going to be one! Who knew? She talks about how her life is so much more fulfilling, it has a purpose and she feels the presence of Jesus Christ in her life after she started reading the Book of Mormon. That book is the key people! 

I’m also not embarrassed to say that we may or may not be getting a lot more people to church just because I use the excuse ´´but I’m going back to America and I’ll never see you guys again!´´ and then they feel bad for me and go to church. Hey, every teaching technique is welcome and utilized here.

I have also gotten three invites this week to not go back to America but to stay here and live with people, all three were from children I teach or ward member’s kids, but still. 

Funny story of the week is that we were walking down the street and there was a little stubby chubby old shirtless man walking down the street obviously drunk, stumbling all over the place. Then he starts to pull out something black from his pants and turns out its a huuuuge machete that was somehow hidden away there. He takes the machete and to himself he’s mumbling ´´I’m gonna rob ya... I’m gonna rob ya´´ hahaha. I was laughing so hard. 

Anyways I try my best to just think of my work here, if I start to think of anything else I start to have mini panic attacks. But it’s all good! The Lord will provide a way, I’ve come to know that. I know His true church is this one! I may not understand it 100% but I know I feel it inside of me, and that’s something no one can ever take away from us. I love my mission! And I love you guys! See you soon.

Sister Walker

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