Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015 - Good Times In The Neighborhood!

                                                                 Daniel's Baptism!!!

                                                 Sister Davis, Courtney & Sister Marques
                                          Sitting By Their Fireplace In 100 Degree Weather

hey everybody!

this week was long, long. we are in the part of the cycle of missionary work where all our investigators are falling through so we have to find all new ones. but we fasted and are starting to see good results. we are starting to teach more in unison and less of me doing everything so its getting better. i was studying in alma 8:14-15 when alma is feeling weighed down with his mission and not having success, and an angel comes to comfort him and reminds him that he is doing the will of the Lord so he has plenty to be happy about! i thought that related well with me this week.

but on the plus side we had daniels baptism! it was really perfect, and he was so so happy afterwards. it was the cutest thing! also our district got together to make a little video for the christmas conference thats this week and surprise surprise, the elders planned literally nothing. so we got there and i directed the show! we did a naughty and nice list but it was progressing and non progressing. our santa had a toilet paper beard because it was pretty low budget.. no kerry bellessa style but we did do all our own stunts. 

the funny thing about our trio is that we get to see first hand the bluntness of brazilians. they still ask why i speak better than sister davis if we have the same time here.  and im like uhhh that is rather rude but alright haha. and i was thinking about how hard it must be for sister marques, because it would be like me serving in america and getting to my first area and living with 2 people from japan. I’d be like uhm wait what is going on here. but she doesn’t seem to mind.  She’s pretty easy going. 

also for christmas this week we made this sweet fireplace out of paper and cellophane that im sending a pic of too. im so excited for Christmas.  holy COW!!  okay that’s all I’ve got, talk to you next week! i love you guys!!

sister walker

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